my new turret is pictured 1st
it uses blue clips to hold the mini pins in place for easy replacement if they happen to break
no longer do you have to tear apart the entire turret to replace the mini pins!
the blue clip also locks into the underneath blue clip to keep the min pins sturdy and looking clean
i realize everyone doesn't have a million blue clips to spare but if you do this mod is well worth it!
yellow connector on the pin guide is blocking the dark grey connector from going far enough for the trigger to block the ram. any ideas?
Show me a few pictures of your gun the firing pin the back of the gun etc... I'll take a look for you an help you out
its a tr18 with tr8 handle trigger and stock. the green/black rod on the trigger is falling out also
It's hard to tell but there is a size 64 band from the trigger to the front off the gun this will be the return band an also keep the green rod in place <br> <br>Few different angles for you of the trigger band wrapped around the red rods on the front of the gun
how is the tr8 better
It's a matter of opinion <br>I love my TR8 <br>I spend a lot of time working on the gun thinking of new ways to make it better <br>My TR8 has been around for a few years now in that time it has undergone vast changes an improvements <br>The gun was built then tested then tested some more <br>I tested the designs personally along side my brother and friends <br>The gun was battle tested in 3 K'nex wars aka Pandamonium and improved greatly after each encounter <br>It has proven to be extremely reliable in the harshes conditions of battle <br>In Pandamonium 2011 last summer my brother who is renowned for breaking the unbreakable had not a single gun problem not one broken firing pin no jams nothing using the current model TR8 with only minor design changes <br>The current model TR8 is in my opinion the best all around K'nex war gun <br>It combines the best of ROF range ease of use reliability an yrs of being the best gun ever built <br>Built it exactly as I have pictured an it will work flawlessly <br> <br>
are you going to post your grenade
Idk I think it's simple enough to build did any of my explanations help? <br>How's your fixes going?
built tr8 ram not reaching turret pics in 3 days <br>think i built turret wrong
K show pics
fixed it and gave it reinforcements
new prob turret pops out when fired took pics but having trouble uploading
It's popping out of the black ball socket piece right? <br>If so replace it with a new one that snaps the turret rod in place nicely <br>If your still having trouble you can replace the turret rid with a new one <br>If you can't get ahold of a new black ball socket an you've replaced the turret rod you can always just use a &quot;Y&quot; con to grab ahold of the end on the turret rod instead of the black ball socket <br>Its more of a pain this way an not as convenient but do what you have to do <br>Before you try any of that first make sure the turret rod is firmly locked into the black ball socket <br>This should help let me know <br>
works amazingly well how do you get the light grey connetor on the iron sight to stay on
You have to push it down really hard till it snaps in place
That rod is held in place by the tension of the rubber band on the trigger so if you don't use or place the right rubber and on correctly then this could cause the rod to slip out <br> <br>But honestly I really need to see a few pics to help you the more pics the better full gun close ups several angles an ill most likely immediately be able to help you <br> <br>Also the TR18 an the TR8 have differences that could mess up the guide rods ect... Long story short just get me some pics ;P lol
the grey connectoy on the pin guide also pushes the ram so it stops after the trigger
here is the link i have grey rods instead of black but i am getting more <br>https://picasaweb.google.com/114786412148393840323/TR18?authuser=0&amp;authkey=Gv1sRgCJewz4a53bSlfw&amp;feat=directlink
Alright so after looking at the pics I think I figured out why you are having trouble <br> <br>First off the only thing preventing the green rod from falling out the trigger assembly is the trigger rubber band which applies pressure or &quot;friction&quot; to the assembly keeping the green rod firmly in place <br>So add a size 64 rubber band to the trigger the way I have pictured <br> <br>As for why the firing pin won't pull past the trigger block it has everything to due with the length of the back of the firing pin <br>Basically my pin back is a full connector longer than yours <br>A simple fix is to simply add 2 blue spacers directly in front of the black ball socket piece on your firing pin however I highly recommend you don't do that and you make my pin which I have never ever had break... It's been over a year dry firing with 6 or 7 bands still holding strong <br>I'll get you some pictures on how to make it once again it uses a size 64 rubber band which happens to be the rubber band size I use for all working parts on my TR's <br> <br>I apologize for the older pics but they are up to date enough to get the points across <br> <br>To make the firing pin <br>First add 2 or 3 layers of etape around both the rod an the black ball socket connector <br>Then wrap the rubber band around the firing pin as I have pictured <br>Then add 2 or 3 layers of etape over it all as pictured in the last picture <br> <br>If you have any more trouble just message me <br> <br>Also Im betting once you do these changes the firing pin will not reach the turret but that is due to your attempt to modify my gun lol add my new tr8 turret on the front and make is as I have pictured in my tr8 instructable an you should have no problems <br> <br>Good luck lol <br> <br> <br>
thanks i will upload them tommorow
Post instructions please. (for your first version) cos the link in knexinnovation is fked up
Is your Knexinnovation searches bugging up too?
i swear this looks like the BFG 3000 from the film DOOM... i must build it...
more recent pics with better mods
lol i haven't seen the film let me know how the gun works for you!
Please show me how to make a ram for this! I can't make a ram that doesn't break with more that 2 bands!
notice the etape is taped over both the ball socket and the rod<br>the rubberband acts as a cushion and helps hold everything together <br>the extra etape over the band adds more strength and keeps the band wound tight<br><br><br>the first layer of etape should be 3 thick or so no more than 5 <br>then the band is wound on<br>and then another 2 to 4 layers of etape over the band<br>it should be compact still<br><br><br>if made correctly this pin will/should never break eventually it will wear but that is life... you can but shouldn't dryfire the gun with this ram i dry fire it all the time
why not dryfire?
its kinda the same reason u shouldn't dry fire a bow <br>every action has an equal an opposite reaction<br>so the force of the pin going forward without shooting an object has nothing to transfer the energy to other than the pin and the gun itself... the gun an pin are strong however it will wear on the gun an pin much more quickly than if you were shooting projectiles<br>it just isn't healthy for it lol
newtons 3rd rule, isn't it. You explained it better than my physics teacher lol
Where are the instructions for this thing...please can someone tell me...and dont tell me: &quot;look on KI, you can find it there&quot;, because I already tried and i just cant find it. :(
i never posted instructions but the first pic is up to date
I dont get how the ratchet mech works?
build it an find out! : P it works super good i think ull like it
lol, oodalumps on KI chat told me how =D ill be uploading pics 2moro.
sounds good can't wait to see it!
its in my most recent topic =D
can i use your stock idea on my rifle i will give you credit
yeah go ahead
would a 12 round turret work on this gun easily
yeah mostlikely... the thing i don't like about the 12 is it isn't as solid as the 8 or the 18 ive looked into it i just never fell in love with it at least not yet... i do have a couple of turret mods if ud like to see em one turret is light construction the other is solid
could you please show me the mods that you have
alright so the dark gray cons is the light construction turret... its makes it easier to change out broken parts and uses ball sockets to hold the mini pins in place tighter than before so less wobble is allowed for<br>the light gray cons is the heavy construction there are 2 extra white cons (snowflakes) that are connected with green rods in the center adding a ton of support for less bend and less chance of breaking... the disadvantage is more parts and hard to replace parts
thanks for your help are you going to build a p90 or are you sticking to high powered rifles
i stick to building guns that i feel have a purpose at a K'nex War<br>im working on a shotgun right now that in my opinion will have a huge impact on any future wars<br>not saying other gun styles won't still have a place because i feel they do<br>TRs have range reliability versatility and a decent rate of fire <br>the best way to find out how well a gun preforms or has purpose is to test it out at a war... TRs have proven to be effective at ever war ive been to<br>at the last war i brought a piece of junk shotgun that still proved to have an effective roll as well <br>its all a matter of balancing range rof and etc... and honestly one of the biggest keys is reliability the TRs got better because i broke them over an over an over until they became stronger an more reliable
i have been working on this is pretty much you whole gun but it shoot oodammo ammo and it has no turret it is single shot
thanks but i am having problems building a gun i have not built with knex in forever i have lost my touch :(
Killerk, you are the leonardo da Vinci of knexing. You invented 2 mechanisms, made the first good gun on this site and made one of the greatest ways of putting peices of plastic together. The TRifle!<br>Everything you make instantly becomes famous!<br>But sadly, Knex is dying. Make something new and big to save it!

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