This video is about  making a Greek salad the way it is made in Greece.

There is no lettuce of any kind in this salad, but here in the US, when you ask for a Greek salad at the restaurant you get a pile of iceberg lettuce with a tomato wedge and a slice or two of cucumber perched at the top. That's because iceberg is cheap and it is used as a filler, but it has no nutritional value. So when you make it at home, do it right.

With that said, you can make the salad with only some of the ingredients (tomatoes-onions-olives, or tomato-cucumber-peppers, tomatoes-olives-onions,or tomatoes-feta-cucumbers) and all combinations will taste great, as long as you dress them with olive oil and vinegar, and a good sprinkling of oregano. You'll hear me mention Greek oregano  a couple of times in the video, because it smells and tastes different than the Mexican oregano (Lippia graveolens) that is sold in the stores. Mexican oregano is a verbena variety, and wild Greek oregano (Origanum Vulgaris) belongs to the mint family and has numerous medicinal qualities.

Eat well, live a long and healthy life!

Feta cheese
Virgin Olive Oil

Wash well, cut and mix ingredients, as shown in the video. Serve right away. If you plan to serve later, DO NOT add the last 5 ingredients. Cover with plastic and keep in the refrigerator until it is time to serve, and then add the dressing. Otherwise the vinegar will wilt the vegetables and it will look stale.
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