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Hello every body in my first instructable so please guys don't be rude in comment
In this instructable I will show you guys how to make a trap room so if your friend try to steal your objects he will explode :) !!!
So I think you will enjoy guys !!!
And sorry for my bad English !!!!

Step 1:

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For the first step try to found any place to dig straight like a small mountain

Step 2:

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Dig into the wall 6*6 and 3 blocks high and higher if you want as show in the picture above

Step 3:

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Use two trap wires and some string 1 block high as you see in the picture

Step 4:

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Dig a small room 2*2 and 2 blocks high next to the trap wires

Step 5:

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In the small room put some block in order as you see guys in the picture and then put on it some redstone dust

Step 6:

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Continue digging cross the room 2 blocks deep and then put some redstone there

Step 7:

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Put TNT next to the redstone you put

Step 8:

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Hide your trap with any block you want(I used stone because I have dig into a mountain )

Step 9:

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Then next to the trap dig 1 block down and 6*4

Step 10:

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Dig now next to the redstone you put straight
And put TNT

Step 11:

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Hide your trap with something your friends want like some diamond an emerald and a small cake :)

Step 12: Enjoy

I think no one from your friend will not fall in it

So guy please if you have any ideas to upgrade the trap please tell me about it and see you in my next instructable


robot bx-31 (author)2016-01-24

Maybe you should add instead of tripwire a pressure plate. (Just saying.)

robot bx-31 (author)robot bx-312016-01-31

What about a moving floor?

ThomasK19 (author)robot bx-312016-01-25

I guess the plate is just more obvious. Temples also have those trip wire traps (hu - a Trip Trap is a children stool)

AY-5207 (author)2016-01-26

Bad one!

Meow2015 (author)2016-01-24

this is very cool

CannonF0der (author)2016-01-24


Sunbutt_Shimmer (author)2016-01-23

Next time I play minecraft I will definitely make this!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-01-23

Fun Minecraft Trap!

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