Nice belts made out of used bicycle tires. These belts are stylish and very simple to make.
by: www.opendesignclub.com (thats me!)


Search for used tires with a nice tread


Buy some belt buckles you like


Buy some Chicago Screws or rivels to fix the buckles


Cut out the tread in the width of your belt buckle


Make the holes you need to fix the buckle.


Fix the buckle and fit the belt to your size

Step 7: !!! DONE !!!

Ready to use
by: www.opendesignclub.com (thats me!)
<p>How do you cut the tires cleanly? Utility knife = stretches the rubber and makes crooked lines. Tin snips = jagged edges and crooked lines. Is there an industrial rotary cutter?</p>
i too want to thank you for the Chicago screw info. I searched for screw rivets or just rivets before
wow, they're awesome, I saw some of them today in a market stand and I suddenly felt the need to built one! LOL
Use more than one buckle. Start your own trend. Ever seen a belt with three buckles?
I've never seen a belt with two buckles... how would 3 buckles work.
Thanks!!, it&acute;s awesome!!!
I never thought of this! <br>What a cool idea!!!!!! TY for sharing!!<br>
How do you guys make your loop holes so clean?
what if i need longer than what the tire provides.... like for a bigger man... how would i connect the tires together!?
there are several ways to splice, i'm sure. i think you could smooth out points with cement glue too
Great instructable!<br>Love these,<br>The hybrid tire i chose is a bit rounded, but overall - i like the results.<br>I salvaged buckle and little strap below buckle from a belt that had died.<br>And, now I know those little bolts are called Chicago bolts!
I started this project, but I used a mountain bike tire- some sort of old Kenda tire. The tire is worn but the outer(side wall I guess) lugs protrude into the required cutting area. It's not alot but would it be better to cut through them or around them. They aren't very worn cause either because they aren't part of the contact pacth when riddin on solid grounds.
A list of tools etc would be nice; how did you cut the holes for the belt? Another ideas is to use a link of chain to hold the belt together around the buckle instead of the chicago screw. Y'know, just for that extra bit of bike-nerdiness.
To make nice neat holes like this, you will need a hole punch.<br>This is a type of leatherworking tool that is designed to cut varying sized holes in leather belts or other projects. You can get them in all different sizes.<br>They're a bit like a centre punch, but hollow at one end and bladed instead, and you just place the tool where you want the hole and smack it with a hammer.<br>Long holes are made with the same tool, you just nibble it along until you have the length needed to wrap around the middle pin in the buckle.<br>Hope this helps. :)
Use chain ring bolts instead. And it is enough to have one link to your website on the introduction. Putting it on every page is blatant link spamming for higher Google rating.
beacause its like hes so totally going to make some ripples in the trillions of other options to make. Besides, better spam it up with something good, and not complete waste. this actually helps.
Sweetness - need to find me a bicycle tire. I do actually have a belt chain that is a bike chain. Would go nice with this haha.
Now that looks cool.
doesn't it end up smelling like rubber, you know what I mean right? that over-powering smell, also, add tire black to the tread, it ends up shiny and awesome.
I'm going to build one with D rings. That way, you don't need to buy actual belt parts, you just need to find two sturdy circles that are larger than your belt. Perhaps I will do an instructable on how many things can be D belt rings. Perhaps.
keep the wire in the bead! if you can get it out, it becomes vast quantities of spring wire. the most useful substance on earth. apart from gaffer tape. and growth hormone.
Any ideas on where to purchase belt buckles? I thought of Goodwill, removing buckles from cheap belts - but this seems like a bit of a waste. Thanks for any info.
How do i cut through the metal part of the tire?
I believe you're referring to the bead of the tire. It can be cut through using an ordinary pair of wire cutters or tin snips.
cut around it. like stab it then cut around it if you get me.
most bike tires aren't radials.
Wonderful. Great idea and very thorough pictures, which makes this a superb instructable.
Hopefully when I've had a go at making mine I'll be able to wear it to work. lol, I'll probably look like a bike. But thats not stopped me yet.
you'll have to clean the tread very very well. Sugar soap i would advise. Also the bolts that are used are called Chicago Screws. It makes things easier to get if you know what they are called. Nice belt and if you osed mountain bike tyres you could have a wider belt. Also good for those of us a ittle more generous in girth.
pyro pyro das hab ich schon alles alleine gemacht und euch instructablianer wollte ich damit beglücken --- also originaler gehts gar nicht. (nicht gleich in Flammen aufgehen) pyropyro I did all that stuff myself and I just want to share it with you guys on instructables --- this is the original author project and whatever --- more original is not possible. (don't burn me dude) :)
sorry but i though you would be another one of those spammers copy off a website but you know you dont have to advertise ur website on every step double pyro--
Yeah, that's his website, :P That's a cool looking belt, I might have to try that!
wont this make black marks on all your stuff? i mean, if you use it on your pants. this could also be very interesting as tie-downs too.
I am wearing one myself -- and I have no problems so far. But have a try ---
Can we see <em>your</em> build of the belt?<br/>(or at last a picture of your finished product?)<br/><br/>L<br/>
the instructable shows a picture of one of my belts --- I made at least 10 of them --- the whole thing is my baby.
Sorry, see comment on the other Instructable. (People do just repost other people's stuff y'know) L

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