Quilts are toasty, but kids never seem to stay under them, so here's my answer...
The top is made with bits of kid-type cloth in my leftovers stash, on the back of the quilt is the list of things to look for on the front...This is perfect for a 3 or 4 year old just learning to read...Keeps them either under or on top of the quilt!

Step 1: Materials

3 yards green cotton fabric

1 yard orange cotton fabric

Kid-type cotton fabric with images small enough to center on 4 inch squares...This is especially good for using up all those leftover bits you couldn't bear to throw away all these years

5 pages of computer printer fabric (available at most fabric stores)

Great idea!!!
&nbsp;Very nice. &nbsp;
It's a beautiful quilt. More pictures would be helpful...<br /> <br /> If you don't have photos of each step, maybe dash off a quick hand-drawn illustration?<br />
i agree. Really cute quilt, but more pictures, for those of us who don't like to read the instructions. :)<br /> <br />

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