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This instructable shows you how to make "Trick" and "Treat" boxes. What are they? They are boxes with programable audio (voice recording greeting cards). When you open a box it says "Happy Halloween!" or screams depending on which box you open. In the "Treat" box there is, obviously, candy. However, in the "Trick" box there are empty candy wrappers and fake bugs.

Step 1: Supplies

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Stuff you will need:

3 Boxes (about the 14 x 10 x 5.5 in)
2 Recordable greeting cards (be sure that the cards are not taller that the boxes)
Black wrapping paper
Orange construction paper to decorate with
Fake bugs

Scissors/Craft knife
Invisible string
Glue stick

Step 2:

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Use clear packing tape on the bottom of the boxes, so that nothing can get stuck under those flaps.

Use your first recordable card to record you saying “Happy Halloween”
Once that is done, open the card and cut the left side off, be sure to not cut the white noise activator off.
Tape the card to the inside of the box and on the box flap. The part with white MUST fold a different way then the rest of the card.

Fill box with candy.
Find or make a Jack-O-Lantern image, and use it to cover the card. See image.

Step 3:

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Tie some invisible string (about 2in long) to a fake bug.
Tape the loose end of the string to the edge of 1 of the opening flaps of of a box.

Use your other recordable card to record you screaming after 3 seconds.
Open the card, and cut the left side off. Don't cut the white noise activator off.

Tape it to the inside of the box, leaving the right side of the card taped to the inside of the box, and the trimmed part on 1 of the flaps of the box. See image.

Find or create a scary image to cover the card in your box.
Add some fake bugs and candy wrappers to the inside of the box.

Step 4:

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1. Cut your black wrapping paper so that it matches the height & perimeter of the box.

2. Put some glue on each side of the box and smooth it out with a paint brush. Then apply the paper around the box, OR, you can tape the paper on with packing tape.

3. Use 1 (or both) of those methods again to cover the flaps of the box with the black wrapping paper.

Repeat steps 1 through 3 for the other box.

Step 5:

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Next, use some orange construction paper and a craft knife (and scissors if desired) to cut out the individual letters for the words “TRICK” and “TREAT”.

Glue the back of the letters with a glue stick and then put them on the front of the boxes.
OPTIONAL: Decorate with halloween-themed stickers or whatever you like.

Now you are done!


BamBam and venni (author)2016-04-30

Cool idea but why would you open the trick box?

EmeraldOre (author)2014-03-23


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