This is my new truely semi-automatic knex gun and that means no more having to pull back the firing pin because when you pull the trigger it pulls back the firing pin and shoots it!! Thiis is a brand new knex gun design never used in knex before. the only down side is is that it doesn't shoot to far but the way you put on the rubber bands you can probably get more power out of it then i did (watch the video to see how to put on the rubber bands. Anyways please rate and if you have any questions or concerns just ask and ill probably reply the same day. THANKS and ENJOY!!

-101 green rods
-54 white rods
-20 blue rods
-10 yellow rods
-4 black/gray long rods

-42 yellow connectors
-2 green connectors
-6 gray 2 connectors
-54 gray single connectors
-20 orange connectors
-2 tan rod connectors
-38 white connectors
-3 blue connectors
-42 black Y connectors (i used alot of these as spacers so u probably don't need all of these)
-5 red connectors
-10 black U joint connectors

-11 blue spacers
-4 gray spacers




hey everyone,
check out my youtube page

Step 1: Handle

just follow the steps

Step 2: Stock

pretty easy

Step 3: Firing Pin

really easy

Step 4: Magazine

instead of the little Y connectors you can use spacers if you want

Step 5: Barrrel

might be hard to see but idk

Step 6: Body

the body and the pull back mechanism

Step 7: Put It Together

your done enjoy!
if you put bands down on the white rods of the trigger, would it snap back by itself instead of having to push it back?
hmm when i look at it again it seems small.....
cool i am gonna build it but the range?
could i put a rubber band on the trigger so it is a COMPLETE and TRUE semi automatic?
That won't work, I'm afraid.
have you tried it?
No. But common sense tells me you can't use a rubber band to pull a rubber band; the two forces will counteract eachother. I know, that sounds complicated, but just assume it doesn't work because of basic phisics. ;-)
I tried it, and all it would do it basically make the rubber bands act like it's just one long rubber band
In that case, you tried something else than what I meant.<br><br>Btw, plz look at the date before posting. That was 2 years ago. ;-)
yes it can
Have you tried it?<br>Because I'm only building this if Extreme Builder hasn't lied to us all.
whats the range
How far does it shoots???? :P
are black rods the same lenght as grey and orange rods?<br>
yes they are
how far does it shoot?
do you have to use the U joint connectors i only have 2
it has to many parts! i am not even going to atempt to biuld it but it looks cool and sturdy and this is the first semi auto iv seen that has a removable mag good design but if u r going to make another verstion please make it have less pice consuption but keep the mag idea
Why can't you just connect them together? Change the bottom gray connector into a orange one and continue the chain, so you can fit more pieces inside.
Nice job, that's some pretty cool stuff there. Probably finish by tomorrow :)
Nice gun, but would you mind telling us where to but the rubber bands?
The only problem i see is the fact that u have to push the trigger back to fire again.
how do u put the elastics on the red connectors and how do the red connectors go with the trigger
none of the pictures are showing up for me..could someone tell me y???? or how to fix this problem thats bugging the crap out of me
I know this is a little late, but if you are still having the problem: If you are a new member (i.e. one that joined after the pro membership update), then you have to pay for pro membership in order to see all of the pictures. If you know someone who was an older member, there accounts work as pro accounts (such as mine)
i only made my account a few weeks ago and i can see every pic in k'nex every instructable (weapon instructions) page
Actually, for some of the instructables, pictures don't show up as well. All you have to do is copy the picture and paste it on Microsoft Word or something similiar.
you only make th best guns
how may black y conecters u got
add rubber band behind trigger
i hane pics and i just sined up yestrday
how many gray spacers are you using?
This is basically a double action gun. Double action is not much use in knex, since it'd be a very hard trigger pull for even a moderately powerful gun, because of the way levers work, and in real life it only needs to blow up the bullet
its a good gun but not semi auto ause you have to push the trigger back
if u put an elastic band on the trigger so it pushes the trigger back automaticly u could class it as semi auto................. couldent u
Really? I thought a semi-auto knex gun means that everytime you pull back the trigger it fires without having to pull a firing pin back or something. Also if you held the trigger down and it cept on firing it's a auto. SO yeah I think it's a semi auto..
Nvm he didnt put a rubber band on the trigger, so yeah it isn't a semi-auto..I think
look... its practically impossible to not have to do that.. give him a break its a great gun
I wasn't trying to be mean. Sorry if I was.
like i saqid there just wasnt enough power on the tgrigger band
no.... it is <br />
Yes, semi-automatic is 1 trigger pull 1 round fired, a variant of semi-auto is selective-fire which is 1 trigger pull, several rounds (always a fixed number though) fired in a burst, selective-fire is used in larger compact weapons as it increases your chances of hitting something, while conserving ammuntion.
he just didnt have enough power on the trigger band to pul it all the way forward so he had to push it just a lil
i thnk this is closer to double action than semi-auto. a double action revolver cocks and fires in one pull of the trigger. i would build this if i had enough peices
just curious: what is the range and accuracy of this? Great gun btw
&nbsp;you can uhhh just uhhhh ummm.... uhhh..... yeaa kay thanks...<br /> <br /> just kidding. no offense great gun! its kewl!<br />
i nwas thinkin that in myb head 2
what are those black things on step 6, picture 5
On the left, ball joints, on the right, ball sockets.

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