Picture of TRUELY semi-auto knex gun
This is my new truely semi-automatic knex gun and that means no more having to pull back the firing pin because when you pull the trigger it pulls back the firing pin and shoots it!! Thiis is a brand new knex gun design never used in knex before. the only down side is is that it doesn't shoot to far but the way you put on the rubber bands you can probably get more power out of it then i did (watch the video to see how to put on the rubber bands. Anyways please rate and if you have any questions or concerns just ask and ill probably reply the same day. THANKS and ENJOY!!

-101 green rods
-54 white rods
-20 blue rods
-10 yellow rods
-4 black/gray long rods

-42 yellow connectors
-2 green connectors
-6 gray 2 connectors
-54 gray single connectors
-20 orange connectors
-2 tan rod connectors
-38 white connectors
-3 blue connectors
-42 black Y connectors (i used alot of these as spacers so u probably don't need all of these)
-5 red connectors
-10 black U joint connectors

-11 blue spacers
-4 gray spacers




hey everyone,
check out my youtube page

Step 1: Handle

just follow the steps
SumRndmGuy3 years ago
if you put bands down on the white rods of the trigger, would it snap back by itself instead of having to push it back?
mrmuffin3 years ago
hmm when i look at it again it seems small.....
mrmuffin3 years ago
cool i am gonna build it but the range?
could i put a rubber band on the trigger so it is a COMPLETE and TRUE semi automatic?
That won't work, I'm afraid.
have you tried it?
No. But common sense tells me you can't use a rubber band to pull a rubber band; the two forces will counteract eachother. I know, that sounds complicated, but just assume it doesn't work because of basic phisics. ;-)
I tried it, and all it would do it basically make the rubber bands act like it's just one long rubber band
In that case, you tried something else than what I meant.

Btw, plz look at the date before posting. That was 2 years ago. ;-)
yes it can
Have you tried it?
Because I'm only building this if Extreme Builder hasn't lied to us all.
whats the range
Timstoop4 years ago
How far does it shoots???? :P
are black rods the same lenght as grey and orange rods?
yes they are
knexgundude4 years ago
how far does it shoot?
jedijaxson4 years ago
do you have to use the U joint connectors i only have 2
it has to many parts! i am not even going to atempt to biuld it but it looks cool and sturdy and this is the first semi auto iv seen that has a removable mag good design but if u r going to make another verstion please make it have less pice consuption but keep the mag idea
Why can't you just connect them together? Change the bottom gray connector into a orange one and continue the chain, so you can fit more pieces inside.
Nice job, that's some pretty cool stuff there. Probably finish by tomorrow :)
inergy4 years ago
Nice gun, but would you mind telling us where to but the rubber bands?
The only problem i see is the fact that u have to push the trigger back to fire again.
how do u put the elastics on the red connectors and how do the red connectors go with the trigger
ciexs5 years ago
none of the pictures are showing up for me..could someone tell me y???? or how to fix this problem thats bugging the crap out of me
I know this is a little late, but if you are still having the problem: If you are a new member (i.e. one that joined after the pro membership update), then you have to pay for pro membership in order to see all of the pictures. If you know someone who was an older member, there accounts work as pro accounts (such as mine)
i only made my account a few weeks ago and i can see every pic in k'nex every instructable (weapon instructions) page
Actually, for some of the instructables, pictures don't show up as well. All you have to do is copy the picture and paste it on Microsoft Word or something similiar.
humbug5 years ago
you only make th best guns
humbug5 years ago
how may black y conecters u got
miniclipper5 years ago
add rubber band behind trigger
i hane pics and i just sined up yestrday
raincoats5 years ago
how many gray spacers are you using?
altrobot5 years ago
This is basically a double action gun. Double action is not much use in knex, since it'd be a very hard trigger pull for even a moderately powerful gun, because of the way levers work, and in real life it only needs to blow up the bullet
epson6236 years ago
its a good gun but not semi auto ause you have to push the trigger back
if u put an elastic band on the trigger so it pushes the trigger back automaticly u could class it as semi auto................. couldent u
Really? I thought a semi-auto knex gun means that everytime you pull back the trigger it fires without having to pull a firing pin back or something. Also if you held the trigger down and it cept on firing it's a auto. SO yeah I think it's a semi auto..
Nvm he didnt put a rubber band on the trigger, so yeah it isn't a semi-auto..I think
look... its practically impossible to not have to do that.. give him a break its a great gun
I wasn't trying to be mean. Sorry if I was.
like i saqid there just wasnt enough power on the tgrigger band
no.... it is
Yes, semi-automatic is 1 trigger pull 1 round fired, a variant of semi-auto is selective-fire which is 1 trigger pull, several rounds (always a fixed number though) fired in a burst, selective-fire is used in larger compact weapons as it increases your chances of hitting something, while conserving ammuntion.
he just didnt have enough power on the trigger band to pul it all the way forward so he had to push it just a lil
knexer875 years ago
i thnk this is closer to double action than semi-auto. a double action revolver cocks and fires in one pull of the trigger. i would build this if i had enough peices
minime123585 years ago
just curious: what is the range and accuracy of this? Great gun btw
GUNsicker5 years ago
 you can uhhh just uhhhh ummm.... uhhh..... yeaa kay thanks...

just kidding. no offense great gun! its kewl!
i nwas thinkin that in myb head 2
what are those black things on step 6, picture 5
comment pic.bmp
On the left, ball joints, on the right, ball sockets.
small green rods
An Villain5 years ago
happy snake.jpg
bighead54545 years ago
i shuld make this just to freak out my mom (i always test new guns on her, with her permission of course =)
~Aeronous~5 years ago
 its not truely semi auto, because you have to push the trigger forward.
Can you put a rubber band on the trigger?
nclark5575 years ago
tip with the triger make it longer and put a small rubber band on it so it goes back on its own
timhaz15 years ago
just thought:
if you put string between the pullback mech and the pin, you could pull back the pin farther, generating more power. i would try, but i havent got the time.
i realise you probably dont have the gun anymore, but maybe post in instructions??
psychodog117 years ago
can u replace any of the whites with likwe blues?
Yo I did Mine works Fine
Sheesh that was sorta painful... wonder what the rests gonna be like + SUBSCRIBED Yay =D
colt duck5 years ago

how 2 make it more powerful: #1 make ur firingpin stik out of the barrel #2 smaller bullets #3.... well its to hard 2 say with a keyboard....

thanks for the help im stuk on one!

i dont have any ball conneecters, any replacements i can use?
mikstr25 years ago
"i mean, it doesn't shoot far, like, at all" hahaha! 4* anyway, cool concept
psharpep5 years ago
Great! Now make it more powerful and integrate this concept into dual pistols :D BAM BAM BAM!!!
kray9535 years ago
 i only have 4 ball joints so what part should i make on step 6 and then ill make the other parts with single slot connectors
_kira_5 years ago
easy - yes
i have enough pieces - yes
boring to build stock after SRV1 - Hell Yes!
like it but cant you make it easy
He probably couldn't make it any easier without adding like ten more steps to it
james45 years ago
bit blurry tho
64runners5 years ago
looks really cool and ur vid is also cool. best thing about this gun is that you dont need to pull the rod back and then shoot, you can just plain keep shooting! :D 5/5!!
Couldn't you just add a rubber band to the triger so it pops back up?That way when you push it in the rubber band pushes it back out.A spring might also work.What do you guys think?
extreme builder (author)  AirSpeedDemon6 years ago
of course i know that. if you dont build the second pull back mec. then the trigger goes back into place
extrem bulider my ares i bilt a proper ak 47 with twelve shots and no reloding all you have to do is pull the triger and it shotes one at a time
Hey, nice job, this is the only TRUE semi-atuo, semi-automatic: When you pull back the trigger the ram rod gets pulled back and shoots, nothing in between...
int there a way you can make it have more power
Merugop5 years ago
Can you make a side-arm-pistol with an unique system?
Merugop5 years ago
...............................................before you made the video did you played Halo for 12 hours or you were really bored
GTA_FEARON6 years ago
love this gun. I built three and had a war with mates we also used your handgun to . your pretty good at this btw any chance of a sniper like the m21???? 5*
sythe5116 years ago
can i use something other th joint pieces for the mechenizm?
extreme builder (author)  sythe5116 years ago
u can use gray single slot connectors
Uh, can I sub the y's for anything?
yes, i used 2 grey 1 slot connectors taped together
can you make the mechanizm alone? it wont let me zoom in the pictures!~
at last a real semi auto knex gun not a fake "real" one
gtrain6 years ago
make a sniper
Max Stryker6 years ago
Do you still make guns? If you do ill subscribe :D
extreme builder (author)  Max Stryker6 years ago
im on and off. im off right now but i think ill be back on soon
this is the only semi auto which shoots rods, amazing 5 stars
ok i subscribed anyway :D and can i use something else instead of the u joints? i dont have any. :(
bte32326 years ago
can you make the stock shorter or use different pieces
flea2086 years ago
very anoying
Sting Teddy6 years ago
cheers! great new design!
st j6 years ago
_kira_6 years ago
Look i said this 1 year ago if u want more power wrap thewhite rods of the trigger to the white circle thing with tape. Then the trigger wont break off if u add more rubber bands. More rubber bands means more power!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :0
Hephestus6 years ago
ummm.....mag push??? the ammo is just gunna fall out!
then build something to push the ammo smart one
no its not
knexsniper16 years ago
You aren't the type of person who aims for power, you like to make guns that have new ideas to them, that's great! That is a great gun, if it was made stronger, that would be one of the best guns on the site. that is just my opinion, but great work!
extreme builder (author)  knexsniper16 years ago
thank you for understanding but people only care about power and not innovation. every idea needs to be improved upon and if this was, and someone found a way to make it stronger, than it could be an amazing gun.
well man if u dont put the rubber bands on stock so far back use a biger rubber band on the firing pin and single hole connecters at certian areas onthe triger mech. 1.it would be stronger 2.u woudnt have to assist it or at least thats an idea but ill try it and i suggest it but its an idea so if it dont work its ok
yup! great idea, i don't think i could ever have thought of that. just wondering, but what if you put a lot of rubberbands on the trigger to pull it forward so you wont have to all the time?
lugnut19966 years ago
the gun is a good gun i was going to build it but i ran out of certain parts so i gotta get more knex
3Burst rifle- IMPOSSIBLE?
X19OV16 years ago
I'll have to say that this IS NOT a semi-automatic gun. You have to put the trigger back into place manually. However, if you had a rubber band re-postion the trigger without your assitance, it would be a semi-auto. The only problem would be that it would increase the difficulty of pulling back the trigger to fire.
i did that and it worked fine, if you can't pull that much weight then you need some finger excersise.
knexcthulu7 years ago
i dont have enough pieces for the trigger mechanism what should i do ? 1.take some off the body? or 2.substitute bits for the trigger ? pleaze reply im getting bored?
find a simpler way to make the trigger system, but make it work the same
i made my first full auto and its where you just hold down the trigger no chain links
extreme builder (author)  chicken36428326 years ago
what does it fire?
noobererer6 years ago
about a month ago i was thinking "what if some1 could make a gun that cocks it when you pull the trigger then pull it again to fire". i didn't have a clue how to do it though. You are absolutely BRILLIANT. 5*!!
the rubber bands coming from the firing pin to the stock may be reducing the power.
0546296 years ago
cool gun
sdds6 years ago
my birthday is today
monkey096 years ago
to make it powerful use string to pull back the barrel
_kira_6 years ago
i test (out of 100 shots)-(i am very patient) and this gun is better then ednator semi auto :) also this is a rifle very better looking
extreme builder (author)  _kira_6 years ago
cool thanks
whats the range
it was no problem to me however (i am not being mean) after a certain amount of presure from the bands, the white rods break off the triger. if u were to make a mod of a stronger trigger, u could put more bands on it adding more power :)))))
_kira_ _kira_6 years ago
gotta add one more thing to previous comment, they break wen u press them .
yea thank god
bbbbbbb cool but lil ones let me see them
ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
this is extremely innovative! no power though, so I give it 4.5/5! This thing is cool, but it struggles to go past a yard. I have a question: How did you come up with the idea and firing system for this gun?
extreme builder (author)  ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
thanks and idk i was just messing around with it and just randomly came up with this
thats how most ideas come to be
extreme builder (author) 6 years ago
who just rates down my guns its not cool!
THANK YOU GOD!!!!! i wuz starting to think there wuznt any real semi auto knex guns on the site!!!!! but there is one!!! this is it!!! u rule my man!!!!!!! thank your spirits, your loards ur only loard ur water god, ur fire god, ur air god, ur earth god, ur elemental god, ur world spirit, ur other stuff gods, OH!!! andthe most important one of all! THE OH MIGHTY KNEX GOD!!!!! ALL BOW BEFORE UR COMPUTER WHEN YOU READ THIS!!! BOW NOW!!!!!! thank you and sorry for such a long comment.... thanks for the awsome gun 2!
i bowed
hahaha thanks it doesn't shoot far though im making a new one
at the moment I'm making something using a wheel with a bunch of rubber bands on it to make the wheel spin and pull back the firing pin il hopefully post pics soon
danblath6 years ago
i woud say if you put more elastic bands on the trigger it would auto-cock back so you only have to use 1 finger instead of 2
HOLY COW!!! that used to be my old picture!
Lowney6 years ago
Absolutely brilliant! 5* and favourite!
it looks nice but it shoots not far! but good way to make a gun!
CraftySNAK36 years ago
you sound like mcluvin
extreme builder (author)  CraftySNAK36 years ago
killer.6 years ago
i think i could make a BB shooter mechanism for it (and a magazin that holds like 20-100 BB's) but ill first try to build this gun then we'll see
Knexwizard6 years ago
you did not tell us where to put the rubberbands.
its on the vid on the first page
TigerNod6 years ago
Awesome. 5 stars and fav. You are putting a lot of work in improving knex auto weapons. Perhaps I can use this on something else.
TigerNod6 years ago
Good idea to combine the decapicitated connectors with the tan connectors
extreme builder (author) 6 years ago
im knemovies on youtube. check me out
beameron6 years ago
Yes i allready post that they needed 2 put rubberband sOVEr the trigger a LONG time ago xD
shams6 years ago
if any one put a rubber band(for reloading) on the trigger will it work?
extreme builder (author)  shams6 years ago
there is two pull back mechanisms so if you take of the one behind the firing pin, the red 1 4th circle piece and the rubber bands attached to the back of the gun and the firing pin and then put rubberbands on the trigger then yes it will reload
can i make this without the black Y connectors.
why didnt you do that in the first place?
extreme builder (author)  ILIKEPIE3336 years ago
i thought that it increased the power
did it?
Moeses6 years ago
Hey, It looks Great !! I would give it a 4 1/2 out of a 5. I think that its awesome that its semi-auto... I think I'm on to a gun that could be completely auto !!! its in the works and its looking good so far ! Great gun !!!
maxxxem6 years ago
hey should i post an instructable for this?
that looks awesome, is it reliable?
it functions
I am fast
It's great! But the power... Still 4.5 stars!
sliceofpain6 years ago
you need to make instructable for trigger alone
beameron6 years ago
just put some rubbeer band on the trigger !!
There are two problems to be solved with this gun. 1. The power. 2. Pushing the trigger back is a little bit annoying I think.
No offence, this is great!!!
Knexwizard6 years ago
do you have to breack your pieces or can you just stick it through the holes?
DrWeird1176 years ago
At least add rubber band placement!
shev226 years ago
If you have any questions you can just po......poost...it.. HA that was funny!
nball1996 years ago
can we do this without the little black U connectors?
DrWeird1177 years ago
not semi-auto...
Yes, its semi-auto.
Sorry, but it is just a different method of cocking. Semi-auto is HARD though.
No, This is semi auto. Shot per pull, semi auto.
You have to push the trigger back up.
Not if you put elastics on it. Trust me. I made it.
Oh. Okay, I'll build it.
Im not saying it was a great gun... :-0
I know. Dutchj's is pretty cool, check it out.
Its ok, but its just any other gun. Its just that the ram is disguised as a trigger.
Yeah, I guess...
Knetix6 years ago
r u kidding? this is completely semi auto and a great design too. u should try using the mechanism on a semi auto rbg and use the wheel to pull back the pin-im workin on 1-its workin well so far.
kibbler6 years ago
I modded it and got eighty-three feet, six inches. ;)
I imagine you put a stick of dynamite in it and measured how far the debris went?
TorBomb6 years ago
do u have any cheaper models of the same type of design

This is a nice assault rifle that I have made. I am not completely finished, but will be posting pretty soon.

*It has an adjustable stock.
*It has an adjustable handle (it thickens and shrinks for different age use)
*It has a slide-in magazine. The magazine slides into place. You don't have to snap it on any rod or anything like that. It just slides in.
*It is semi-auto. (This is my own original semi-auto design. I did not copy extreme builder.) But because it is semi-auto, it only shoots a couple feet.
*It has a scope.
*It has a comfortable grip.

Please PM me if you want me to post:

My new knex gun.gif
post Post POST
Any pics of yours leftover?
Put this in a forum!
someone else already did before I could post mine.
well, yours will be a lot better. thats what i think
omfg post post post
you got axed :)
Actually, I stayed up late last night, sadly took apart my scar 11.01, and then finished making the gun. It's nice and sturdy. However, my adjustable stock would keep breaking and it got in the way of the trigger, so the stock is no longer adjustable. The grip is REALLY comfortable. Everything else is on there. However I am changing my gun from the semi-auto method to a cock and re-cock method, for the semi auto only launched the bullet enough for it to get stuck in the rest of the gun.
can't wait!!
DrWeird1177 years ago
WTF? how did you get the black lil rods on the female joint connectors?
well those little ones are black or green second if u press the 2 felales together and press the green to it it would be very easy {push the green in really hard}
ok, 'preciate it. ☺
dinky6 years ago
cool 5 stars
The Jamalam6 years ago
works good, looks bad, fires even worse. it is good, but not very good. this mech has been done before as i saw on a website somewhere, but i will rate 3 stars.
i don't understand how the ammo doesn't fall out
zimster427 years ago
screw this, i wanted a good firing range...i can't go more than 3 foot without breaking either the gun (yes, i followed the instructions perfectly) or the bands...i have abandoned this gun in favor of a more powerful, although single-shot, rifle that has a stronger structure if you can find a way to improve the range, i may reconsider this gun...i really want a semi-auto, but not at a price of reduced range
how do the blue "bullets" stay in the mag??
knexcthulu7 years ago
do u need to break the gray things on the yellow rod in picture six?
you dont need to but it works better with them decapitated, but i recommed only 3 as they lod it in place well and other knex guns use only 3 chopped greys
i don't think so...
yes, you do, but you can also simply replace them with 3 tan lock connectors
zimster427 years ago
i don't fully understand how to put the rubber bands on, my firing pin hardly moves...and doesnt it make more sense to have the magazine above the barrel instead of below it?
zimster427 years ago
i can hardly interpret picture 2, a little more clarity would be nice
zimster427 years ago
this should have been split onto two pages, the thumbnails run clear off the screen
p.s use a rubber band to pull the trigger back in place :)
you are one smart guy, you have created what many people have attempted since knex guns began. i think that many people should build this and take knex guns to a whole new level, and im going to try and make this system work in a g36c. well done mate.
zyilo7 years ago
i love the gun but i dont have enough pieces...:'(
extreme builder (author)  zyilo7 years ago
thanks please rate my guns i will appreciate it =]
i will but im not sure how to rate stuff o.O
extreme builder (author)  zyilo7 years ago
just go to the right side of the page until u hit the rating thing it will be stars and just give it however many stars u think its out of 5
meh..thanks ill give you a 5/5 :D because of the trigger mechanism and how the no cocking required
chasm7 years ago
I like this gun. It works, and no pesky reloading or cocking is required.
Reloading, yes, cocking, no.
SNIPERDUDE7 years ago
Another few notes: Really like the true trigger design you have there, especially the part on how it reloads... But I think you should add a rubber band on the inside so the the trigger resets itself.
That would mean you would need to make the trigger unit and the cocking unit separate.
SNIPERDUDE7 years ago

Try moding the design to use Perfect Duck's
frictionless spring recoil design so the firing rod
doesn't have to move much and still provide power.

The design can be seen here:
knexcthulu7 years ago
do u have to have this cause im running low on bits?
if you mod it then no, you don't. but it will be quite hard to mod it to look cool and fit.
If you put a small rubber band pulling the trigger forward you won't have to push the trigger back up after firing.
cool 4.5
this is a prety cool gun i made it and it doesent shoot far put is jenus how the triger and gears work to make it semi auto. knexmaster60 TM
killa6967 years ago
OMG, i just finished building this gun and the bullet either falls out or stays in the magazine...
whytej017 years ago
has any one made a ballista
Yes. It will be posted soon. It is huge. Its awesome :-)
Erm, to see the old version, see dsman1's orangboard.
*cough* tis ok*cough*
*cough*this is funny*cough*

(passes out)
(still lying on the floor uncontious)
*cough*hahahahaha*cough**cough*better call the medics*cough*
(starts twitching uncontrollably)
(drops on floor laughing)
(falls into a coma still laughing)
(hopes someone starts CPR soon)
(Finally Calls the medics...)
(ah, you ruined all the fun...)
(not much to say at this point.....)
(Passes out for no apparent reason.....)
(every body dies....)

(i wonder how long we can make this thing)
you should have snuck in a choke in there xd
lol, the comment got cut off.
the one comment were you put *cough* a lot got cut off.
Its to no avail, Were Both already dead.
lol. you died! :)
i try...
yay i won a knex war with this and 100 blue rods and one knex war bomb
just camp behind a big object and snipe them. ill post my new sniper in a bit. my camera died.
killa6967 years ago
After about 30 min of frustration, i finally finished and figured out how to fire + load it. good, but u or sum1 else should post a mod on how to make the trigger automatically reset, even if it only takes like half a second. that time can be crucial in a Knex war. Nice Gun!
extreme builder (author)  killa6967 years ago
just put more rubber bands on it
oodalumps7 years ago
I wonder what would happen if I posted my semi-auto pistol again. People would probably think it's new and innovative, even when it's one of the oldest Knex guns on this site.
extreme builder (author)  oodalumps7 years ago
i don't get how it works
Really, it's as simple as it gets. the trigger is directly connected to the firing pin.
You mean exactly the same as your old one? I don't know, it's pretty famous already.
lol True
Go for it!
The Jamalam7 years ago
This is actually fully auto: Semi auto is where you have to cock the gun, but it reloads automatically, in order to shoot it. Full auto is where the gun is automatically cocked and loaded after the trigger is pulled. Single shot is where you have to reload and cock before each shot.
Full auto = as long as you have bullets, and hold down the trigger it will fire
Semi auto = every time you pull the trigger it fires untill out of bullets (exeption things with real hammers like revolvers this is called "Double action")
Bolt action = pull a bolt back, then may have magazine that auto loads or be a 1 shot. (most knex guns are this)
Pump+leaver = same as bolt but diffrent motions

"Mind auto" = experimental (at the momemt) that you have a gun and when you point and think to fire, it fires (like how you controll your arms), - this system has been failing though, untill they make a smart gun, because it has caused "reflex shots" on allies and thats never good i would think.
look it up on wikipedia
ok heres quotes from wiki it self - An automatic firearm is a firearm that automatically extracts and ejects the fired cartridge case, and loads a new case, usually through the energy of the fired round. The term can be used to refer to semi-automatic firearms, which fire one shot per pull of the trigger, or fully automatic firearms, which will continue to load and fire ammunition as long as the trigger (or other activating device) is pressed or until the ammunition is exhausted. "Automatic pistol" or "automatic shotgun" generally refers to a semi-automatic design, while "automatic rifle" more often means a fully automatic or selective fire designA semi-automatic firearm, a firearm which automatically reloads, but will only fire one round per trigger pull semi auto -
A semi-automatic, or self-loading firearm is a gun that requires only a trigger pull for each round that is fired, unlike a single-action revolver, a pump-action firearm, a bolt-action firearm, or a lever-action firearm, which require the shooter to manually chamber each successive round. For example, to fire ten rounds in a semi-automatic firearm, the trigger would need to be pulled ten times (once for each round fired), in contrast to a fully automatic firearm, which can continue to fire as long as the trigger is held or until it runs out of ammunition
That's also from wiki, so basically, both terms can be accepted
no, in knex semi-auto is were 1 trigger pull= 1 shot.<br/><br/>
yes but if it's in the real world, then why not knex?
that is what it is in the real world. just in the real world they add in extra stuff(like shell ejecting and what not that knex does not have).
look at my wiki quote above, from fully automatic firearm!
full auto- you hold trigger, it shoots for as long as you hold it. semi auto- it shoots one shot every time you pull the trigger, but nothing happens if you hold it.
extreme builder (author)  Sypran7 years ago
thanks i was trying to explain that to him
extreme builder (author)  The Jamalam7 years ago
no people just say semi auto knex guns when it reloads itself but really semi auto means for everytime u pull the trigger it shoots once and full suto is when when u pull the trigger once it keeps on shooting shot after another. people that have been saying their guns are semi auto when all it does it reload have been lying
just look it up on wikipedia or something, It's just what I've learned, I may be wrong.
kylem357 years ago
another way you can keep the stock from bending upward is by attaching the stock to the handle
Shadow647 years ago
I thought u only need to pull the trigger to make a semi auto shoot but with this this one u have re-postion the trigger afterwards so that dosent make it a semi auto does it?
extreme builder (author)  Shadow647 years ago
yes it does it takes like .02 seconds just to push it back
.02 seconds to push back!? woah quick reflexes!! lol
extreme builder (author)  Shadow647 years ago
u know what i mean lol
but that still means you can not keep your finger on the trigger at all times, so this is not really a true semi-auto though people wont care.
extreme builder (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
ok yes because if u don't want to pull it back just put more rubber bands on it so it will pull it back
chasm7 years ago
I was just curious, What does this thing shoot?
extreme builder (author)  chasm7 years ago
blue rods
you're crazy. in a cool way.
extreme builder (author)  mettaurlover7 years ago
thanks i guess lol but why
23GUITAR057 years ago
So the mag is really a hopper?
mark18327 years ago
I think you need to redo this step in some parts, pics 16 and 22 clash. one shows the black snowflake at the bottom has the two white poles but the other shows something else. Also where it shows you the position of the rubber band, its a bit unclear
Jasp3r7 years ago
It sounds a bit stupid, but can someone explain me how the magazine works?
xanxor7 years ago

ojochris xanxor7 years ago
Cna you post pics or an instructable plz?
xanxor ojochris7 years ago
I guess...
extreme builder (author)  xanxor7 years ago
wow good job i really like it. its so weird to see people making my gun idk why but its cool
you pet that thing like my grandma pets her cat
I made it. Very clever design.
whytej017 years ago
plz message me if you know
Wareagle7 years ago
WOW! this gun is awesome!!!!!!!! +1
oh and how do the blues fed into the mag. to you just make a pusher inner?
whats a tan rod connector.
xanxor7 years ago
there you go homeys, I'll send you pics if you want them.
xanxor7 years ago
I'll post a vid and send you pics to add later today. may 7
extreme builder (author)  xanxor7 years ago
xanxor7 years ago
Would anybody like me to post my mods?
extreme builder (author)  xanxor7 years ago
yes please
xanxor7 years ago
Mine doesn't use the spinny cog in the middle just the red connecter which I tied with string instead then calibrated it to have the biggest pull back and BAM huge increase in power only need rubber-bands on the firing pin too nothing on anything but thy firing pin.
xanxor7 years ago
to make it auto just put a motor on it wit a little bit that pulls the trigger back just enough to to shoot and a rubber band on the trigger so it springs back into place. Nice gun. I like it.
abalone47 years ago
thats sweet. but what would happen if u used white rounds and slid them all the way back but then u wuld have to find a new clip
hey man the idea is pretty cool you really gotta work that out. you dont need to pull back the firing pin to fire and it has a mag so that makes it auto instead of semi-auto
no, full auuto is when u just pull bacl the tirgger once and hold it for bullets to shoot out
emoman ash14947 years ago
most of them use motors P.S. +1 great gun
No it's semi-auto. Auto means that bullets are automatically and shot one after the other when the trigger is pressed. This gun shoots one bullet every time you pull the trigger. BTW: Nice mechanism extreme builder.
when the bullets are shot directly after the other when the trigger is pulled it's full-auto. when you have to pull back the trigger for every shot, but you dont need pull back a firing pin it's auto.
A semi-automatic is a gun that requires only a trigger pull for each round that is fired, unlike a single-action revolver, a pump-action firearm, a bolt-action firearm, or a lever-action firearm, which require the shooter to manually chamber each successive round. An automatic firearm will continue to load and fire ammunition as long as the trigger (or other activating device) is pressed or until the ammunition is exhausted.
man this is getting really confusing. assuming everything you said is true, then about 99% of all "semi-auto" knex guns around here are not actually semi-auto but bolt-action?
Yes. Many guns claim to be semi-auto even if they are not. Just because a gun auto loads a round doesn't mean it's semi-auto, the gun has to automatically load the round and shoot it with each trigger pull without the user needing to recock the gun every shot. (I know, it's very confusing)
ok thanks, but then what is the difference between auto and full-auto?
As much as I know, I think it's the same. I'm guessing people use those two different terms to describe the same thing. Either full-auto or auto can be used to describe a fully automatic firearm.
+1 for you
extreme builder (author)  FrozenFire 997 years ago
chombo7 years ago
dude this system is awesome, the only thing: mine dont fire rods if i put some in :(
zap897 years ago
you sound like killerk
extreme builder (author)  zap897 years ago
is that a good thing?
lol yeah
knexguru7 years ago
Neat design
extreme builder (author)  knexguru7 years ago
use knex instead of ruberbands between the ram and trigger
extreme builder (author)  TJS7 years ago
does that help?
post the KRYLOV FA-37 AR
this isn't semi its double action. semi is when all you do is pull the trigger and it fires. when your dealing with real guns and the trigger gets pushed back into place to reset the pin it is called double-action. which is just as good as semi but not semi. okay.
hellpilot7 years ago
Your mag dont work, it jams. Work faster on a way to make the gun WORK and not FAIL
hellpilot7 years ago
Let me get this straight. Semi-automatic you have to keep pulling the trigger to shoot. Burst is where it fires 2 or 3 or 4 shots at the same time. Automatic is where you hold down the trigger and bullets come out without pulling the trigger again. in this case Semi-automatic knex gun is call semi-automatic because you have to pull the trigger again and again and again. :)
extreme builder (author)  hellpilot7 years ago
yes exactly
LOL look at my gun (my name). Combatknex says that the gun stinks and that he hates extremebuilder because he pisses him off. Yet he +1ed this gun.....
ok your confused ALOT i dont mind xtreme builder just he always says i really like you tell me what you think of mine (LINK) and its gets anoying and i never said i hate extreme builder because he pisses me off you made that up i may have +1edthe gun because i dont sabotage peoples guns just because i dont like them but i LIKE your gun i was saying extreme builders gun stink on your comment place GET IT?????????
do you meen errrrr as in ummmmmmm or errrrrr as in growl?? because i dont hate you or extreme builder ok you and you extreme builder and i like both of your guns
i meant it as ummmmm
ok so u hate me or not??
course not. y would i hate you? in fact, i love your avatar. XD it is prettey funny.....
extreme builder (author)  combatknex7 years ago
thanks its just hard because everyone is giving me crap for it not shooting far but i thought they would thank me because of the new shooting design but what ever
dude both of ur guns rock a look awsome this one the most and i did +1 both of ur guns btw how far does ur fully automatic airsoft knex gun shoot? because i might build it.
extreme builder (author)  combatknex7 years ago
thank you i appreciate it im not going to lie to u it shoots 10 feet but its still really cool so go right ahead and maybe you'll find a way to mod it!!
i +1ed this gun no i didnt i didnt even make it go down
extreme builder (author)  combatknex7 years ago
extreme builder (author)  kingghaffari7 years ago
yea i don't get that so are u working on any new guns?
im not realy workin on any. i put a grenade launcher on my srv1, but that was before i built this. put the magazine at the top instead of bottom.
extreme builder (author)  kingghaffari7 years ago
i no but than it looks bad
To be honest, i know its a prettey crappy gun.(just cuz it doesnt shoot far. It needs a better trigger. (mine keeps breaking) And a totaly new gun. i bet any amount of money that this gun is gonna boom all over the internet soon. JUST HURRY UP AND MOD IT PEOPLE! lol
I really like the way you are thinking of new mechanisms and ideas, we really need more people like you! you just need them to perform better, because (no offence ) its really quite useless as it is.
extreme builder (author)  I_am_Canadian7 years ago
yup i no but still i posted it so people could look at it and mod it but thanks
one idea put a rubber band stretching towards the end of the gun to the trigger it will spring forward everytime you shoot
the dawg7 years ago
mechanism is simlar to the one on the edanaters(bad spelling) gun on youtube.
extreme builder (author)  the dawg7 years ago
oh ahaha thats because he said that he was going to use my gun to make one read the youtube comment knemovies.com (thats me!!) but i don't like how he said its 100% his design and mechanism when clearly its not
ahh ok i was just wondering .
extreme builder (author)  the dawg7 years ago
really ill have to check that out thanks
btw your parts list says 2 red connectors and i just looked at the first picture and i see 5 so it may be off a ways.
extreme builder (author)  thekingisntme7 years ago
tthanks ill change but i think other than that its right
LOL - it doesnt shoot far....at all...
Srry bro. But no. Its a good idea though, just need people to mod it.
extreme builder (author)  jabbathegut17 years ago
i told u
JOE19037 years ago
The handle and stock look very *ahem* similar too killerk's Sr-V1
extreme builder (author)  JOE19037 years ago
i no but i changed it alittle
acker1237 years ago
well done probably the first real semi auto no offense to oodalumps but the trigger on his semi auto is unrealistic
I think maybe 5 other people have made a semi-auto mechanism. Me and Mepain have each made two or more. Also my semi-auto pistol, which was the 6th Knex gun ever posted, has a realistic trigger (and my minimized version of it is even better). Anyways back on topic. I like what you've been doing, extreme builder. You have the same mindset I had when I started out.
I made one and posted a comment with the idea of using an RBG to shoot rods.
Mepain Whaleman7 years ago
That is what we call a pseudo-semi-automatic.
extreme builder (author)  Mepain7 years ago
wtf is a pseudo
pseudo means fake
extreme builder (author)  oodalumps7 years ago
i no but this is a new way that doesn't need a motor or a crank just a trigger i like what u have done with ur guns to what im trying to do is make new ways to make knex guns and improve off of that rather than just making powerful guns (even though almost everyone only cares about power these days)
Mepain acker1237 years ago
the dawg7 years ago
i dont really care if its 2feet but how far does it shoot?
extreme builder (author)  the dawg7 years ago
i got 10 feet
nt to bad what will your new design get up to do you think.
extreme builder (author)  the dawg7 years ago
um im hoping 30 but probably 20-25 but we'll see im almost done with the mechanism to pull it pack and its looking good it uses gears!!
cool. can you make a P90 body around it please : )(puppy eyes) ?
extreme builder (author)  the dawg7 years ago
idk ill do my best
THANK YOU VERY MUCH IF U CAN. and your a good knex builder by the way.
extreme builder (author)  the dawg7 years ago
thank u bro
well i look forward to seeing this new gun.
maxxxem7 years ago
Its almost finished. in the next day or 2 it will have 2 firing functions, semiauto and normal.
huseyin01017 years ago
simply amazing, it works like a charm, good work, but a slight problem, i use a pusher for the mag but the blue rod only comes half way out of the barrel, any solutions? +1
yeh, but when i dont use the mag, the rod fires out perfectly.... but i took it apart, im waiting for someone to post a smalled more compact version, if someone is smart enough to post one...... lol
extreme builder (author)  huseyin01017 years ago
thats another problem im trying to work out i don't know why it does that if u fix it please tell
K'nex rods are widest on the ends, so my guess is that 'end collision' or 'tip jamming' is what's causing that drastic loss of power. That very problem is the reason my Red Impact lifts the rods out of the way so the one being fired is a clean shot. You can find a big long conversation about it if you dig down into its comments deep enough. Anyways, my suggestion is to tune the strengh of the mag pusher so that it does not press the rods up too tightly (and thus not force the ends of K'nex rods to lock into each other). Should fire more cleanly.
extreme builder (author)  Perfect Duck7 years ago
yup i no exactly what ur talking about
Most likely because it doesn't have enough power.
Kerwination7 years ago
bro add a rubber band on the trigger so the trigger is pulled back into place... duh i did it and it worked! nice gun!!
extreme builder (author) 7 years ago
Is that a black rod?
I like your gun men I made it and I modded it and its very powerful now its shoots like 35 feet
extreme builder (author)  DonSanderino7 years ago
no way POST
TheDunkis7 years ago
Interesting...I wonder if we could do something like this where you use gears...we might be able to get a little more power out of it but i'm not sure how much. Like if you combine your two guns. I might try something like this after my sniper. Good work!
extreme builder (author)  TheDunkis7 years ago
im working on something with gears
Sypran7 years ago
woah... 2 very difrent working (and great lookin by the way ;) ) guns in a row! i do see what perfect duck was saying its on the border of semi to leaver action, but i think its more on the border with double action and semi auto (if not double action) cause a double action gun pulls back a hammer (and this gun dose look like it has a hammer) and then fires the gun, wile semi the pin goes back through the expanding gas this gun is very very interesting, it may be posable to make the trigger go back to normal on its own (like any form of recoil) also to add on to another perfect duck comment (he realy knows his stuff i gota say!) there is no "perfect mag" (meaning the bullets wont "jump" no if not very little friction never jams, and iff you look at the simple mags the little brownish conector piece is not big enough to have a bullet sit on it and go though the barrel with out going upwards a very small amount of space. im my last set of words (and qoute me anyone if you like) "This gun brings us 2 steps foward, but the mags take us 1 step back..."
Y'know, in the aviation industry, they'd call complete models such as this a "technology bed". Though not mass-produced, they do make headway into uncharted possibilities, and are among the most interesting. As such, this K'nex gun is demonstrating a nice method of turning the tedious task of pulling back a firing pin into something much simpler. Calling it a true semi-automatic is a bit iffy, since it is leaning dangerously close to being a Lever-Action type weapon. However, since all of the action is centered solely on the trigger and there are no other moving levers to move, I'll go ahead and call it semi-automatic.

I love how you're completely unafraid to use rubber bands wherever necessary. You've got them balanced just right to make the operation of this gun simple and effective. So, with a 10/10 for operation, its actual performance leaves much to be desired. Only 6-7 round capacity and weak power ... that's fine, though. The fact it works is good enough for a technology bed after all.

It's hard to say how much potential this has, as far as the kinds of improvements on it that you're hoping for. There's only so far of distance that the lever can actually pull the firing pin, so getting it to accelerate to competitive speeds will be difficult. Giving it another hopper with a larger ammo capacity would be simple enough, though.

In closing, I found it very interesting and hope to see more guns that are as simple to operate as this one.
to be fair it is hard to make semi auto and full auto out of knex but your right it is a technology foundation for other knex semi auto guns.
extreme builder (author)  Perfect Duck7 years ago
thank you i appreciate it
jakesllama7 years ago
happy easter knex experts!
extreme builder (author) 7 years ago
happy easter bro.
extreme builder (author)  kingghaffari7 years ago
ironman697 years ago
O_O A 9 rateing withonly 180 vews this gun is very good ( click on my name to see my new Dillon Minigun)
Dude, FINALLY! I have so been waiting for a semi auto gun. Can't wait to build. Also, Iron man is making a semi auto lancer, which will be coming soon. +1!!! I give it three thumbs up... oh wait, I only have two...
thebboy7 years ago
sorry to burst your bubble, but that mag isn't new, it's on the knex plasma rifle you just replace the spacers with Y connectors. you should put it in your instructable that it's not new. ya, but still +1
extreme builder (author)  thebboy7 years ago
oh that is still so different you really can't even tell
thebboy7 years ago
cool, a real semi auto! will definetly make. +1
ironman697 years ago
good jod with the new semi-auto mech
ironman697 years ago
looks awesome
wow +3 already! HOW COME NO ONE RATES MY GUN? lol
extreme builder (author)  kingghaffari7 years ago
i no its crazy
ok i made it, and its great. Could use some better pics, but other than that, im gonna start modding it for power. thenx extreme builder. +1
extreme builder (author)  kingghaffari7 years ago
you made it already nice and good luck with the power i really hope you can do it
yep but i had to break me sr-v2(yes 2) and my killer k pistol w/ magazine (just click on my name) it was worth it though
maxxxem7 years ago
I would build it but I don't got the pieces to do so. one thing , wouldn't the rubberbands on the top of the stock( the part that makes the trigger easer), just cancel the power of the other rubberbands on the ram? +1.5
extreme builder (author)  maxxxem7 years ago
no i don't think so because than you can add more rubber bands to the firing pin side and take it off and find out
c-o-o-l nice job thats the first semi auto built in to a rifle.