Make an imitation version of the TRX Suspension System for your own workouts, for much less than retail price!

See their website for the real deal, and you'll definitely want a set.


Step 1: Buy the Materials

Rope/Cord (REI):

I wanted something that I knew the strength of. 50 feet of pre-packed cord with a tensile strength of 375 lbs is perfect. My weight is 175 lbs, definitely strong enough. It's feels a lot like paracord, and my guess is that paracord would do just fine.

Carabiners (REI):

I bought three wire gate carabiners, but they're not the rated kind. They are the keychain kind, and aren't climbing rated. I didn't see the need to spend 3 times the money on something that is certified, tested, with traceable metallurgy for use in a situation that is unlikely to encounter more than 250 lbs. of force.

You can pony up the cash for the climbing rated carabiners, but keep in mind that even though these are the keychain carabiners, they aren't the pink anodized kind with the wimpy gate you find attached to a flashlight next to the register at Lowes. These things are beefy. I've tried everything I can to break them, and even one will hold my body weight, and not deform.

Resistance Band:

I got this thing about a year ago (from REI as well), and I use it here simply because of the handles. I just clip in to the handle loops. I can un-clip it and do all my other workouts with it too. I didn't want to dissect it and cut the handles off the band because it would render the band useless. Instead, just clip in, and work out as usual. The band doesn't provide any resistance, and can be worked around no problem.
I used<a href="http://www.neptco.com/website/neptco.nsf/270d11395818a46685256aa0006269e4/6d7c010ecaaeb78e852575b00055e1c1?OpenDocument" rel="nofollow"> Mule Tape</a> for mine, because it's strong as hell, and mainly because I can get it for free by the mile-seriously, we throw it out at work after one use. It's also good for a ton of other projects which I hope to post an 'ible for soon. Ask a telecommunications contractor for some-often they'll give you as much as you want.
Love the instructable. You inspired me to make my own. Thanks again for the post! https://www.instructables.com/id/Adjustable-TRX-style-Suspension-Work-Out-System-/
Thanks Much!<br><br>If you like them, make an instructable of your favorite workout routine and link back here. <br><br>I think people would really like a cheap, easy and effective workout device for home or traveling. <br><br>This thing works!<br><br>-Cory
I made-up four of these. I bought:<br>para-cord 100 Ft. 7.99<br>Carabiner 3ea. 3.00<br>Total 10.99<br>The para-chord lasted for three sets. that's $3.00 each plus $3 for carabiners.Or $6.00 each. Plus the Governor's cut.<br>The knot you use and not name is a LARK'S Head or Cow Hitch.<br>I used the Lark's Head in the middle top.<br>The two lines are tied to the Carabiners with Constrictor Knot's (or Constrictor Hitch)<br>Finally, the two lines are tied into loops using Taught-line Hitches. <br>Illustrations for the knots are freely available on the WEB.
Excellent! What are you using for your handles? I've been using mine successfully for a bit now, and keep an extra one in a pouch in my duffel bag for travel. Thanks for pointing out those knots as well!
I'm up to seven of these and they have been well received.
Can you show how to make a Universal Strength Apparatus from BodyWeightCulture?
I'm sure that those could be made as well, no problem, but I don't really see the point. I think that they are bulky (compared to the TRX). You can do everything on these TRX imitations that you can do on the USA ( their abbreviation, not mine) with the exception of climbing the rungs. I might post some more configurations for doing different workouts, but just get creative, no need to buy into a &quot;system&quot; that has all the secrets, because none of them do. Good Luck, Cory

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