Step 9:

Glue the lower legs to the grey areas on the body. Note that the legs bend forwards at the joint, use this to get the right leg on the right side.

Glue the two arms into position as in the picture above.
I was inspired by this so I went out o my shed and found a scrap piece of ply-wood. Then, I slapped this together. It only has a single cam. I'm super happy with this a a first effort at anything cam driven like this. Thanks for the inspiration. <br> <br>
Wow! That is fantastic!
Too bad we have to buy the plans. This is just like an ad.
Amazing instructable! But sad that anyone who wants to make it has to pay on your website for the template. But still an amazing instructable! thanx
Amazing papercraft! One of the best I've ever seen on the web! <br>Can I ask you how do you design them? What software do you use?
Hi Bonfi96, I use mainly Adobe Illustrator witha bit of Photoshop thrown in. I talk a lot about the design process on my website at www.robives.com
i think I'll use inkscape and Gimp :) Thanks!
Yep, that should do the trick!
Nice (both wooden and paper models)
Thats cool. Maybe you could 3d print/laser cut the cams so there sturdier, they looked kinda flimsy. Good job
nice! <br>I always wanted to make something like this, but I don't have fancy woodworking skills, now I can with paper ;-) <br>very clear and complete instructable! thumbs up!

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