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Introduction: TSA-1 TRUE Knex Semi Auto

About: I like building knex guns. People say u cant create anything great with them. I like to prove to myself i can create something great. I like psuedo gun types. I also wrestle year round. And no it isnt gay. I...

Hey guys im back with a better gun. i got tired of being a follwer so i wanted to create a semi auto that wasnt bull$#!% and worked efficiently and was easy to use. so i came up with a removable puesdo magazine. i was really surprised that no one has thought of it. 
any way this guns mag release system isnt that great but when its in it doesnt move and taking it out isnt hard its just putting it in can be a hassle if ur not good at it.
i got 40 feet with it and if i make the mag longer and hold more bullets it would be a beauty. 
TSA stands for True Semi Auto. i want to make a series of true semi autos not made yet. or even perfected designs of other peoples and give them some credit. i just think now that the knex gun community is starting to rise again we should really be coming out with alot of great innovative knex gun and stop posting the same type of guns over and over again.
any ways back to this gun. look at some pros and cons shall we?
True semiautomatic  Not big
Comfortable handle
40 feet of range (this is good for semi autos)
Bad mag release system.
have to get good if you want to load the magazine fast.
now you know the basic facts why dont you build it now? you dont have to but this will be the most simplest gun you will ever build!
Heres a video on loading and firing. its just explaing the basics of the gun.

If you have any ideas that would work for semi auto please tell me and i can give you some credit!

Step 1: Actual Gun Its Self

this gun design is very simple shouldnt be hard.

Step 2: Magazine

pay attention to the notes. i didnt go into to detail on taking the pics because they are relativley easy. if you cant understand them then stop building or ask me a question.



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    I made a semi auto vector and I have instructions for it. You can pull the trigger infinite times, unlike any other rubber band mechanisms, which makes it truely semi auto. I also posted a video showing how the mech works, so I'm politely telling u to check it out!

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    Is it a hammer gun? Youtube doesnt work right now so i cant tell. What type of mechanism is it? Looks cool. And have you checked out my kinno? Or the kinno 2?

    its a hammer gun. doesn't shoot more than 20 feet, but it is a true semi auto

    Ok thats what i thought. Seems to work fine! Good job!

    we had like the same idea but at different times https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Semi-Automatic-Gun-1/

    what does that mean?

    A bit sloppy, but could be better.

    i know. it was a prototype for you guys to modify. i wasnt looking at making a fancy gun.

    I see. It's not new.


    my design and my concept is way different from that gun. that is a pinch mag. just with a good trigger in the gun. and oblivitus said it was new. we did alot of looking. i have already made a better gun like this that shot 70 feet and 7 shot mag. i know what im talking about. i had oblivitus help me out. so i think im going to make a better one to prove you to you guys that this can work.

    I see. It's not new.


    sorry, but this is really bad... btw, it's not that nobody ever thought of doing this, it's just that everyone that knows the ABC of knex will know that this type of gun is hard to make good, and even harder to make good when it's like this, and i believe everyone was just too lazy to get on something that didn't have much potential in the first place. i have to say though, you took a bad concept and turned it into something worse... i'll give you this, though: i agree with your view of the community. it is rising again and everyone should stop posting the same generic guns. anyway, good luck with anything else you try.

    about other SA concepts, the only one with high ptoential i can think of would be the SA 3252, or some variation of it. me and oblivitus had tried working on it before, and i think he is still doing something with it. you could try to make the same type of mechanism, though i warn you: it's extremely complicated, and it uses up a lot of pieces. also, you might eed to cut some of your pieces.

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    Thanks...i thought it would be a good idea. Im just trying to build guns that are easy to use and semi auto. This is really just a prototype. I have already made a a better mag and gun and it did shoot 70 feet with a 7 shot internal mag. Im already wotking on a different type of gun,so that gun is long gone. The new gun im working on is psuedo slingshot or cross bow. And it has never been done before.
    But oblivitus was talking to me about this gun i posted and he said he really liked the idea and classified it as a true semi auto.

    Thanks fir the feed back and im not joking either. Its comments like these that really push me even more to make better guns.

    Yea thanks. I have a video on youtube so please check it out. Just go to my channel. For some reason it wont let me post the link. So just gO to the video up above and go to my channel. It will really be nice if u can rate it and basically critcise it. I think this one has some potential in the knex community. I know its a pseudo but it is very new concept and system.
    Thank you for all your help. Could you please check my channel for my guns please.