Not even Zombies are exempt from a good pat-down.  Scanner security wands are used at the most exclusive nightclubs and venues.  Does not detect metal to indicate a presence of weapons but will indicate the lack of a soul which means a more rigorous body cavity search to remove any last shred of dignity you have left, wait...  Can also be used in the office to make sure everyone is pulling their own weight. The zombies that walk in on Monday seem to be less productive as the week goes on.

This small handheld device makes cool sounds as you pass the scanner wand over the area to be searched to determine if ZOMBIE or HUMAN.  Remember, it's not the size of the unit, it's the skill of the operator using it.

DISCLAIMER: No hipsters were harmed in the making of this instructable.  Although, many think they would have.

Step 1: Scavenging for Parts...

This scanner is essentially an Arduino based theremin using an ultrasonic sensor as input.  The Arduino blinks some LEDs in response.

It is all housed in a custom cardboard/papier mache housing with attached grip.

You will need:

An Arduino, I used an Arduino UNO.

Ultrasonic range sensor - I used an HC-SR04, generic from ebay

Piezo speaker or buzzer for sound.

Bunch of LEDs in red and white.

Bunch of resistors to prevent your LEDs from burning out.  Use any online LED calculator to figure out the value of the resistor needed based on the specs of your circuit.

A couple of tactile switches and a slide switch for the battery pack.

A battery pack to make it portable.

Wire for the electronics

Cardboard and glue


Something to cover the front, plexiglas, acrylic, or I used some scrap window screen metal mesh.

CAUTION: Crafting is hazardous, pointy things and sharp things are pointy and sharp.  Know how to solder and use electronics safely.
No need, I can smell the living's brains.
Oh, I can *so* see doing up one of these for Halloween: vague &quot;official&quot; uniform, some sort of &quot;ZSA&quot; (Zombie Security Administration) patch or lettering, an (assumed, I hope) officious attitude, and one of these. <br> <br>You'd have to check out everyone at the party, of course. For security reasons. (great icebreaker :)
Just don't profile the pretty gals or guys.
Awwwwww... *pouts*
ugh, ok?
Umm, you a zombie teamster or one of the guys?<br> <br>
Exactly what you need in a zombie apocalypse, something with flashing lights and sounds to attract attention.
I thought the only requirement was that you could run faster than the guy next to you.
: ) ain't no fern withert er bayernet ern et.
A forking good time guaranteed to be had by all.
Wtf lmao
Nope, this is<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Kentucky-Fried-WTF-on-a-stick/" rel="nofollow"> wtf</a>.
^^ haha yea what does it even do?
You need to step outside and take a walk in the daylight more often.

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