Introduction: TT Ball Picker

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This new beautiful tool will be very useful to collect the TT ball from the ground without bending.Those who has a problem of bending ,this tool will be of great help, with negligible cost.

Step 1: Material Required

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Step 1 Material

1) Old TT ball, Scissor, Soldering Iron, Wooden screw (1 inch length ), 1 meter wooden stick

Step 2: Makinh Hole

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At the center of the ball (on diameter) a hole of 5 mm is made by using hot soldering iron (25 Watt), rough edges are removed by scissor.

Step 3: Making Petals by Scissor

Picture of Making Petals by Scissor

By using scissor 8 cuts are made through holes till the diameter as shown in the photo.

Step 4: Bending Petals

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Top portions of these 8 petals are bent outwards as seen by heating and then bending outwards,A hole (5 mm) is made at the other end by soldering Iron for fixing the ball to Wooden stick

Step 5: Fixing Ball to Stick

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A 1 meter wooden stick is taken and the ball is fixed by wooden screw.

Step 6: Top View

Picture of Top View

Ball is fixed by wooden screw as shown

Step 7: TT Ball on Ground

Picture of TT Ball on Ground

The TT ball is on the ground and it has to be picked without bending by stick

Step 8: Finished TT Ball Picker

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By pressing the ball of wooden stick on the TT ball, the ball gets inside the old ball and gets fixed inside as shown in the photo.

So without bending you can pick up the TT ball from the ground

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