TTP224 is a capacitive touch IC, you can convert your PCB into a touch Pad ! well this is useful if you want to replace a traditional Button , or you want to add a touch feature to your project.

TTP224 comes in a common breakout like in the picture, very cheap and so easy to integrate in your project.

with this breakout , you have 4 output pin (OUT1 - OUT4) , and normally the output is 0V "LOW" ,and once you touch the pad the signal rise to VCC "High".

The voltage supply VCC can be from 2.4V-5.5V so it's compatible with all Arduino boards 3.3V/5V .

In this tutorial I will show you how to use this breakout with some applications like :

  1. LCD I2C control panel
  2. Control Servo Motor
  3. Control Relay

Let's start with the components:

Step 1: Components

  1. Arduino Nano.
  2. LCD1602.
  3. I2C LCD Driver.TTP224 touch module.
  4. Servo motor SG90.
  5. Relay Module 2 Channel.
  6. Breadboard.
  7. Jumper Wires.

note : The LCD I2C library doesn't work on arduino 1.8.x for unknown reason , I tested the codes on arduino 1.5.5 , 1.6.1 and it works fine

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