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This is our second project for our class CSCI 7000 – Things That Think. We had to make an interactive diorama, similar to the types of displays often found in museums. We visited the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to get some ideas. One of the exhibits was an Ancient Egyptian diorama with many small, intricate buildings. We really liked the way the exhibit looked and we wanted to try making a building as well. We eventually decided to make the Taj Mahal because it’s a very beautiful building, and it also has an impressive landscape around it.

The Taj Mahal is a white marble mausoleum located in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India. It was built by the Mughal emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Construction began around 1632 and was completed in 1653. Ustad Ahmad Lahauri is considered to be the principal designer.
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Step 1:

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Screen Shot 2012-12-15 at 7.26.18 AM.png

This will be the base of the building.

Laser cut the sides of the base out of wood. Most of the materials used for laser cutting for this project are 1/8 inch thick. The two longest sides are 9.25 inches, the four shorter pieces are 3.6 inches, and the smallest two pieces are 2.8 inches. They are all one inch tall.

Push out the small pieces at the top and throw them away. Push the larger pieces below them in slightly and glue them to the surrounding frame.

Do this for all sides of the base.

Paint the front and sides white.

Step 2:

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Laser cut the bottom of the base. It is 11 inches by 11 inches. Take out the square in the middle.

Step 3:

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Glue the sides of the base to the bottom piece. The two long sides should be glued to the straight sides. The four 3.6 inch pieces should be glued to the left and right sides of the other two sides. The remaining two pieces should be glued to the center of these sides. Make sure they are slightly in front of the other two pieces.
You've surely put in great amount of hard work!...
Nice project.....
put it up in the design contest!!!...
agarwalk (author)  Siddharth Jain2 years ago
Thanks! I've entered it into the design contest!
Nice :)
Have seen Taj Mahal in real life & it was an awesome experience :D
i would say the same add it to the design contest
agarwalk (author)  Bobblehead Einstein2 years ago
Glad you like it. :) I've entered it into the design contest.