This is a very popular electric guitar fx pedal in the clone world, easy to make and sound good.
I follow a previous instructable and www.tonepad.com big help., thank you . I desinged my own enclosure to give an original touch.


RESISTORS:          CAPACITORS:                      TS9 PARTS(IVANEZ)
6- 10K                      2- 1 uF/NP                            Ra- 470
4-  1K                       2- 0.22 uF TANT                   Rb- 100K
2- 510K                    1- 0.047uF                            CLIPPING DIODES
1- 4K7                      1- 0.027uF                             Asymetrical:
1- 51K                      1- 47uF                                 D1- 1N914
1- 220                       1-10uF                                 D2 - 1N914
1- 2M2(2.2M)            1-0.1uF                                D3-  1N914
POTS:                      TRANSISTORS & ICs:
1- 20K LIN                2- 2N3904
1- 500K LOG            IC1 4558
1- 100K LIN

Schematic and layout ready to transfer, can be found at www.tonepad.com.  

TOOLS: pliers, screw driver, soldering, multimeter; if you decide to make the enclosure will need metal sheet at least 20 ga, clamps, folding tool and scissors.


Metal sheet abt 20 ga 12x12 in
get the design first including size and draw over the metal start folding the big areas first

Step 3:

Here is the enclosure top and bottom part


Drill holes first make sure there is not sharp edges an spray paint i use gray primer first and about 4 coats of paint

Step 5:

Populating the pc board with all components i use a socket for the Ic to avoid to burn it when soldering an is easy to replace it for a different model to get the sound taste.

Step 6:

Back view 9v power jack

Step 7:

For the switch i made a millenium bypass check www.tonepad.com

Step 8:

Finish product METAL JAMMING NOW thank you for your time.
<p>I've done many mods to TS's since I bought my first in 1980. Flat freq mods, clipping diode mods, TS-9 to 808 mods, etc. Only two are worth it for me. </p><p>Change that turd of an op amp, that JRC4558 to a bi-fet, like a TL072 or LF353. This adds some complexity and the pedal cleans up better when turning the guitar down. The &quot;mythical&quot; JRC4558 was used because it was cheap, plentiful and got the job done, not for any sonic superiority. They were everywhere, like in cheap radios, cheap stereos, etc. </p><p>I like to change the drive pot from 500k to 1meg (audio). This increases the amount of distortion available, but the original tones are still there. </p><p>I like the stock diodes more than any others I've tried. I don't like assymetrical diode clipping mods. </p>
Can I use another amp?
r u talking about the ic 4558 ? yes u can use dif .
Yep...Such as LM324.
got demo?

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