In this instructable I am going to show you how to turn your laptop into GPS device (if you haven’t done it yet) in 2 steps.

Modern computers are quite powerful and can perform multitasks therefore they can be used among others as a GPS by simply plugging a USB satellite antenna and installing a map Navigation software.

There are many satellite antennas (receivers) on the market, some with blueTooth function for wireless connection between smart phones, tablets and laptops but as we all know blueTooth is not that reliable as a wired connection. When we are going to be on the road accuracy and reliability is a must therefor the receiver must have a wired connection and because all modern computers support USB we are going to use that kind of receiver.


Among others the BU-353S4 receiver from GlobalSat is one with great success and is the one I am using. Supported Operation Systems (OS) are: GPS Info Tool for WM5 For Window Mobile, Windows CE 6, Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 Version, MAC 8 / 9 OS and Linux.

The receiver comes with a handy magnet at it's base and can be placed on top of the car's roof for optimal reception.

Home page / specs

Home page / download / drivers & GPS information tool

Home page / manual

Thanks for this useful info.

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