Ahoy folks,
I show you, how to turn your old (or new) actiontoys into a design artwork

what you need:

a frame (you can choose the size you want)
some action toy figures like WWF, GHOSTBUSTERS, STAR WARS, GI.JOE or old plastic soldiers
wood glue or any other strong glue that works with plastic (TITEBOND)
spray can (you choose the color, white makes it look like porcelain)

i build the frame on my own. simple 20 X 30 CM frame with a thin woodplate on the back. hold together with nails.
you can make a thiner or thicker frame, it depends on what you like
and the size depends on how many toys you use.

if you need to know how to build a frame, please check this instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Build-a-Picture-Frame/?ALLSTEPS

if you have trouble with my instruction or any additions
please write a coment.

I understand Art. This seems to be the destruction of very valuable action figures. What you do with your stuff is your business. I would have paid, at the very least, 50 dollars for the lot of figures. I wouldn't pay much for the art, BUT if the art is for yourself and you wouldn't sell the figures anyways, more power to you. Just be wise on what figures you use. Some of those were worth a lot of money. <br /> <br />P.S. I am an avid collector and overly sensitive about the deconstruction of action figures. Good instructable either way.
KILLER ART MAN! seriously
This is a very interesting project, but do you think you could please cut down on the Caps Lock? No offense, it just sort of makes it look like you're shouting on your instructable.
sorry for that, i&acute;m used to write in caps in germany, cause i&acute;m not the best in orthography. :)
JMO... caps often denote EMPHASIS... not yelling... and are perfectly permissible when used with discretion.<br><br>ahoiahoi, you might want to edit your title. ;-)
It's alright! Just a suggestion that I thought might help your 'ible.
But would not writing in caps show the mistake you make more? :-)
Awesome work, it looks great!

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