In this I'able I will detail how to install a Bluetooth headset directly into your radio head unit to remote control your head unit from your phone.  

STOP, PLAY, Volume up, and Down, direcly through BT, on your wireless device.

Now I have a old 2004 GM Colorado first Generation, my radio is a simple CD player/Radio.  In order to put Aux radio jack into this radio GM requires you purchase an 80$ encoder dongle.  This IS NOT Needed.

Matter of fact this was so simple I was shocked.   

Now this should be do able on any radio, but this method details on GM radios.

As for operation, simply turn the BT unit on, it will Directly override the radio signal.  for best results turn the radio volume down, and use the remote blue tooth connection to volume up and down.

I use this everyday with my droid 4 to play audio books from my audible account.

Enjoy, I hope this works if you have any questions leave a comment.

Step 1: MAT'S and TOOLS required.

This is a list of tools and materials you will need.


1. Soldering tools.
2. Pliers
3. small socket set.
4. Magnifying devices
5. 1/2 inch drill bit, to install switch.
6. Drill (not pictured.)


1. small Bluetooth headset A2dp compatible, or Stereo ready. 24$ Amazon HM3500
2. mad soldiering skills.
3. Roll of wire.  $5 Radio shack
4. Two Types of switch, 1 Momentary and one on/off toggle. - $7 radio shack
5. a scrap wireless car charger.
6. Solder.
7. Radio. - free use your old one
8. Electrical tape. - barrow some
9. 1x headphone jack stereo ready. - 2.29 Radio shack

Chip diagram for radio.
I dont recommend bridging R and L channels. Produces an undesirable effect on the audio feed while using stereo and Cd. Highly recommended doing something along the lines of a 2 way splitter. Im still in the experimental phase, so bare with me.
from what i can tell, you have this set up so that the aux only outputs to the front two speakers? is there a way to have it output to all four speakers?
simply bridge the front and rear, since my speakers in the front are blown out i only bothered to wire to the rear
Great idea! Good for you for diving right into a GM radio. <br> <br>So is it just BT music? or talk too? <br> <br>
You can do talk aswell, i think a different bt unit would be perfered though. Trying to remove and solder to the traces under the microphone to bring it to dash level was impossible.

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