Picture of [TUT] 360° very cheap Time Lapse mount
here is a short tutorial in HOW to make a DIY 360°  Time Lapse mount for 2€

You will need a IKEA STÄM Timer  [ 2€ ]  http://www.ikea.com/it/it/catalog/products/60152359/

and some LEGO Brick 

here are some videos taken in 1h with my gopro

Step 1: Prepare to drill the Brick

Picture of Prepare to drill the Brick
prepare 4 Brick 4x2 
and one flat 6x9
Horef1 year ago
smart thinking :)
focamonca (author) 2 years ago
please VOTE on the up! contest :)

Thank you
Genious idea. Sadly, I do not own a camera at them moment that can do proper time lapse, but maybe one day... Thanks for sharing!