Introduction: TUTORIAL: Advent Calendar Christmas Tree Garland

This week’s tutorials is all about paper garlands. Now that you’ve seenProf cut down our first evergreen tree, we need some decorations to make our tree merry and bright. I kept thinking of things to make our tree user-friendly, kid-friendly. Then Piano Man mentioned about the advent calendar his class is making at school.

Bare Christmas Tree + Paper Advent Calendar = A New Christmas Decoration

A week has gone by, and if you don’t have an advent calendar, today’s a great day to make one. Since we’re all about starting new traditions, what better way to think of others by writing prayers, sharing a note of thanks, or place mini-photos each day leading up to Christmas. Tying an advent calendar to our tree also meant that we could come back everyday and transform it into something different, something memorable.

Check out the tutorial below to start a new tradition in your home.


  • Numbers 1-25 (found mine in a Christmas-themed scrapbook paper pad)
  • Red card stock paper (8.5 x 11")
  • Paper cutter
  • Red thread
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Mat cutting board
  • Scissors

Step 1: Cut Red Card Stock Paper in Half.

If you're using 8.5" x 11" paper, you will have two pieces measuring 8.5" x 5.5".

Step 2: Cut Red Card Stock Paper in Half Again.

You should have four strips per one red card stock measuring 8.5" x 2.75". You'll need to cut 5 red card stock pages, totaling 25 strips.

Step 3: Fold Strips at the 5" Mark.

Step 4: Stitch Sides of Card Stock Paper.

Step 5: Stitch Along the Top of Card Stock Paper.

Step 6: Cut and Glue Numbers 1-25 in Consecutive Order (left to Right).

Step 7: Voila! Project Complete!

You now have a handmade, new family tradition. Our young one is writing a one thing he is grateful for everyday. It's a lovely tradition that I hope we continue for years to come.


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The Historial Significance of a Christmas Tree

From my hometown to yours,



seamster (author)2014-12-08

Very nicely done! I've never considered sewing paper like that, but it creates such a neat effect. Great idea!

hometownbetty (author)seamster2014-12-08

Thanks for checking out the tutorial, seamster!

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