TUTORIAL: Cardboard Glasses and 3D Paper Mustache




Introduction: TUTORIAL: Cardboard Glasses and 3D Paper Mustache

Are you looking to make something for Movember or just for a fun costume project? I’ve got a fun two-part tutorial – make your own cardboard glasses and 3D paper mustache. Whatever is your reason, you’ll want to make these for any occasion or plain ole’ fun.

(NOTE: I"ve got the original post will full set of photos on Hometown Betty. For a better visual, check out the original post.)


Piece of cardboard (large enough for your template) – not shown

X-ACTO knife – not shown

Black card stock (or brown, beige, tan to match the hair color of the mustache you are making)

Elastic thread

Black raffia ribbon (or hair color to match the mustache you are making)

Double-sided tape

Needle or Pin


Step 1: Download, Print, and Cut Glasses and Mustache Templates.

If you want to find a ready-made mustache, you can find a ton of free clip art on Google Images. If none of those suit your style, then you can make your own. I modified Piano Man’s glasses (from free clip art) to look a little more like Bill Watterson and less stock photo-like.

*NOTE: If you’re looking for the glasses template, post a request at the bottom of this post or contact me via social media, and I’d be happy to send it to you.*

Step 2: Trace and Cut Out Glasses and Mustache.

Since I used a clip art mustache template, I won’t show any photos here.

To make cardboard glasses, I had to print out my template on two pages and tape the glasses template together. Once I had the glasses sized to little man’s face, I traced and cut out the cardboard glasses with my handy X-ACTO knife.

Step 3: Score the Glasses at the Hinges, So That It Bends at the Angle to Fit Your Child’s Face.

Your cardboard glasses should be complete.

(Optional and Warning: You can paint by brush or spray your cardboard glasses. Personally, I didn’t want to risk those pretty eyes of his with flecks of paint in them – just be careful as they play and use them.)

Step 4: Make the Mustache!

After you’ve cut out your template, poke a hole on either side of the mustache.

Note: Be sure to poke away from the edge, so when your child puts the elastic around head, it doesn’t rip off.

Push elastic thread through both sides and tie a knot. It won’t matter that the knots are showing since you are making a 3D mustache. The raffia ribbon will cover the knots.

Step 5: Add Double-sided Tape to the Top Front of Your Mustache.

This will secure the raffia ribbon.

Step 6: Cut Your Color Specific Raffia Ribbon to About 2-3 Inches.

Once you have secured the raffia ribbon at the top of the mustache, add more double-sided tape to the bottom of the mustache. Secure the raffia ribbon to the bottom, curling it in the direction towards the mustache.

Step 7: Voila! Project Complete!



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