Introduction: TUTORIAL: How to Make Simple Chima Party Hats

8.5 x 11 colored card stock
sewing needle
elastic thread (2 – 5 yard packs for a party of 12 or more kids)

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Step 1: Print Hat Template.

I found two free party hat templates online, and printed both out. While I really like Oh Happy Day’s template, which had a insert component to it, it was a bit too small for an elementary school student. Another website,, had a free birthday hat template that filled much of the 8.5x11 page to maximize the circumference of the party hat, more appropriate for an elementary school-aged child. However, the glue method to piece together the party hat was difficult on thicker cardstock paper. In conclusion, I think you’ll find the Oh Happy Day template perfect for toddler/preschool-aged children, and the template better suited for older school-aged children. Whichever design template you choose, you can add the Legends of Chima element to either template and make it work for your party.

Step 2: After Cutting Out Template, Trace Template Onto Colored Cardstock.

Step 3: Cut and Glue And/or Tape Party Hat.

Step 4: Poke Two Holes Into Sides of Party Hat.

Make sure that holes are approximately an 1″ above the edge of the hat. Thread elastic and tie knots on inside of hats.

Step 5: Create and Print a Lion Insignia Template.

We have a Legends of Chima sword that is available for purchase on-line, at your local LEGO store (although it’s been on clearance for awhile now), or at a nearby LEGOLAND theme park. Using the lion insignia as part of the design element, I traced the lion insignia onto paper and marked it in permanent black marker. Then I scanned, copied, and printed several insignias onto white paper.

Step 6: Create, Cut, and Glue a 1/4" Thick Border Backing to Party Hats.

I glued a yellow border piece (about ¼” wider than the lion insignia template) to the front of the hats, so the kids have a general idea of where to glue their lion insignias.

Step 7: Let Kids Decorate Party Hats.

Cut out several copies of the insignia. Let the kids draw, color, and decorate with a ton of leftover stickers around the house. You can also have use glitter glue to give it a little glowing punch to the hats too.

Step 8: Voila! Project Complete!


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