Introduction: TUTORIAL: How to Make a Kid-Size 18th Century European Buckle Shoe

Recently, I shared a tutorial to make a fake lace ruffle front shirt (part 1) for Piano Man’s historical school costume. For the next piece, I wanted to make a black boot cover over his rain boots. I researched online to find a tutorial to make a quick and easy boot for a child’s costume. However, I was hard pressed to find one until I found a similar boot style from mactothefuture’s Star Wars Han Solo Boots tutorial. Her tutorial provided excellent photos to make a template. This in turn helped me to make a kid-size 18th century European boot. However, I mixed up my own fuzzy knowledge of 18th century European fashion. As it turns out, I needed to make a black buckle shoe with white leggings.

You can check out the original tutorial on my blog, Hometown Betty. For other creative tutorials, check out the Creativity Tab on the blog.


Rain boots (or any other boot to fit your child)
Black fleece
White fleece
Yellow fleece (not shown)
Black thread
White thread
Yellow thread (not shown)
Paper bags (or any other material used to make a template)
Sewing machine
Velcro (optional)

Step 1: Design a Template to Make Your 18th Century Style Shoe Cover.

After reviewing mactothefuture’s tutorial, I cut pieces from a recycled paper bag.

From an angle, you can see 6 pieces of the template: 4 for the boot (black fleece) and 2 for the legging piece (white fleece).

Step 2: Cut Fabric From Template.

Below, you can see the main part of the legging piece, which is cut from white fleece fabric. I also cut a v-shaped piece to finish off the legging (not shown). To make the black shoe, I used the left and middle templates to cover the front area of the shoe. I cut two of the same pieces using the right template for the back part of the shoe.

Step 3: Pin Pieces Together to Ensure a Snug and Proper Fit.

Step 4: Sew Pieces Together.

Step 5: Add Velcro to Back.

Rather than sliding the buckle shoe over Piano Man’s rain boot, I decided to add velcro to the back for ease and flexibility.

Step 6: Cut and Stitch Yellow Buckle Out of Fleece Fabric.

Cut out a square shape from a piece of yellow fleece fabric. Pin and stitch to the front and center of the shoe.

Step 7: Voila! Project Complete!

Can you make any further guesses about Piano Man’s upcoming historical project? I’ve narrowed it down to the 18th century. Keep coming back for more tutorials and the big reveal at the end of the month.

Mactothefuture’s Star Wars Han Solo Boots

TUTORIAL: How to Make a Fake Ruffled Shirt Front


Penolopy Bulnick (author)2014-04-04

Those are adorbs! I want a pair :D


Wow, thank you so much for checking out this tutorial.

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