Introduction: TUTORIAL: LEGO Legends of Chima - Inspired Lagravis Lion T-Shirt

If you liked my very simple tutorial to make your own Eris Eagle t-shirt, then you are going to like today’s post, a Legends of Chima-Inspired Lagravis, the king of the lion tribe, t-shirt. If you'd like to see the original post, you can check it out on Hometown Betty. If you'd like to see other tutorials, please visit the Creativity Tab on the blog.

black felt
white felt
light blue felt (not shown)
medium blue felt
navy blue felt
beige felt
marigold/gold felt
orange felt (not shown)
gray felt
color coordinating thread
Lagravis T-Shirt Design Template

Step 1: Print Out Lagravis Design Template.

1. Print out Lagravis design template here. (I ended up following the same instructions as my Eris Eagle tutorial. I traced, scanned, and printed my design from a photo image of Lagravis.) Cut out entire template.

Step 2: Pin and Cut Border on White Felt.

2. Pin and cut out a 1/4″-1/2″ border on white felt. This will be the border that will be used to sew larger pieces (arms, chest plate, cape, and head piece) together.

Step 3: Cut Out Template.

3. Cut out template. Focus on big pieces, such as head, arms, cape, and chest plate.

Step 4: Pin or Trace Head Piece on Gray Felt.

4. Pin or trace head piece on gray felt. Cut out, and set aside.

Step 5: Cut Out Inner Pieces of Head Piece of Template, Such As Crown and Face.

5. Cut out inner pieces of head piece of template, such as crown and face. Pin crown template on gold felt. Cut and set aside. Pin face template on beige felt, cut and set aside. Also, cut inner eye piece out from beige felt piece. (Note: Make sure you flip your template on the back side, if you are marking the template with a pen or fabric marker before cutting your pieces.)

Step 6: Piece and Sew Together Face (beige Felt), Eyes (white Felt), Crown (gold Felt), and Lagravis’ Beard (gray Felt).

6. Piece and sew together face (beige felt), eyes (white felt), crown (gold felt), and Lagravis’ beard (gray felt).

Step 7: Pin, Cut, and Complete Head Piece.

7. Pin and cut detailed pieces, such as crown embellishments (gold felt), eyes (black felt), and blue gems/jewels (medium blue felt). Pin detailed pieces to head piece. Head piece should now be complete.

Step 8: Pin, Cut Larger Pieces - Arms, Chest Plate, Cape.

8. Pin and cut larger pieces, such as the arms (beige felt), chest plate (gold felt), and cape (navy blue felt). Sew larger pieces, along with completed head piece to white bordered piece.

Step 9: Cut Circular Pieces for "chi" on Chest Plate.

9. Cut out circular pieces using light blue and/or medium blue felt. Pin and sew at center of chest plate.  (Note: Make sure you flip your template on the back side, if you are marking the template with a pen or fabric marker before cutting your pieces.)

Step 10: Center and Pin Entire Lagravis Piece to T-shirt.

10. Center and pin entire Lagravis piece to t-shirt. Using a sewing machine, sew along white border to t-shirt.

Step 11: Project Complete!

11.Voila! You have your very own Lagravis t-shirt you can wear for Halloween or any other occasion.

I have a few more cool tutorials lined up for Halloween. Come back again to read how you can make your very own Cragger Crocodile Basket in time for Halloween!


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