Introduction: TUTORIAL: Legends of Chima Party Game – Pin the Chi on Laval

Originally, we intended to host Piano Man's Legends of Chima birthday party at a local park, so the kids could have free time to play and freedom to be kids. But the weather in the Midwest doesn’t always cooperate with us. As such, we were hit with an early snowfall (a month sooner than usual), and plagued by an impending rainstorm that turned out to be 100% rain on the morning of the party.

We had to come up with an alternative plan, thus, the “Pin the Chi on Laval” Game came to fruition. (I guess these days, it’s not technically, “Pin” but “Tape the Chi on Laval” Game. Nevertheless, the kids understood the general rules of the game.

I would have preferred to print a large poster size of Laval on a nice 16×20 poster, but that doesn’t come cheap if you go to a place like Staples, Office Depot, or Fedex Kinko’s. I am all about budget-friendly, so I set out to find a suitable Laval coloring page that would do the trick because 1) it saves ink on my color cartridges on my printer, and 2) it’s free.

Here is a free tutorial to make your own Pin the Chi on Laval Poster and play the game at home. If you'd like to see the original post, you can visit Hometown Betty. If you'd like to see other tutorials, you can check out the Creativity Tab on the blog.

8.5×11 white paper

Step 1. Go to Scroll down to the Laval photo down the page, or you can click on this link to get the jpg.file.

Step 2. Copy, paste, and enlarge jpg file onto a Desktop application such as PowerPoint or Adobe Photoshop. I decided to create enlarge sections of the jpg.file to 275% onto each PowerPoint slide. I pieced sections together, like a puzzle, by taping it on the backside I glued the adjoining pieces on the front, so that we could later color with crayons (or markers, if you desire) seamlessly on the enlarged jpg.file.

Step 3. Go to for the chi piece. Enlarge chi jpg.file to desire size covering over the chi on Laval’s chest plate (on your enlarge picture). Print and cut enough chi pieces for each attendee at the party.

Step 4. Solicit the help of your birthday honoree and have him/her color the poster. If you’re really brave, you can encourage the kids to color the poster together before the party, and then play the game. It’s a pretty large poster, so you may need to help your little one to complete the artwork.

Optional: You can add a sign, or in our case, our little man wrote the game title on the poster on the bottom left corner. He added his personal touch to it, and it was perfect.

To Play the Game:
On the day of the party, let each child write his her name on the chi game piece. Add a piece of tape to the back of the game piece. Blindfold, let child spin a few times, and go for the chi!

All the young elementary school kids had a blast during this game! Who knew a modern spin on “Pin the Tail on the Donkey” was still a big hit? Add this to your child’s Legends of Chima-themed birthday party, and it’ll be a smashing hit!

If you missed the post on how to create a budget-friendly Chima party hat and Chi necklace for a Legends of Chima birthday party, then click on the link here.


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