Introduction: TV Antenna Rotator Using Cayenne

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In this project, I will create a rotator for tv antenna.

because in my area tv signal reception is very depend on antenna direction.

so I create antenna rotator using cayenne to make me easier without moving antenna directly.

Step 1: Hardware and Software

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To do this projects you need the following hardware and software :


Micro servo sg90

Indoor tv antenna

Arduino IDE


Step 2: Circuit Diagram

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connect your nodemcu to micro servo as the picture

Step 3: Upload Code to Your NodeMCU

upload the code in this step to your NodeMCU. don't forget to change the value of token, ssid, and password to yours.

    Step 4: Setup Cayenne

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    Set up your cayenne dashboard. add servo widget and connect to virtual pin 9 and fill min value with 0, max value with 180. (this is the servo degrees)

    And now you can control your antenna servo with cayenne.


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