Picture of TV-B-Gone Hoodie
Whenever I bring my TV-B-Gone out to restaurants, I always look real suspicious holding it up and pointing it around, so I've been looking for a more subtle and dinner-appropriate solution. I got zippered hoodie sweatshirt from the thrift store which had a convenient logo on the upper left front, complete with rhinestones! I thought the IR LEDs would blend in quite nicely, so I stitched it into the sweatshirt. The batteries are in the pocket. I broke out the pushbutton leads and used conductive thread to sew paths to the edge of the zipper, which has a metal pull. I made two little pads with the thread that are bridged by the zipper pull when it passes by, so all I have to do is zip the sweatshirt up or down to activate the TV turning-off action. Works great! You can see the project at my website, or view the full image set on Flickr.

This is an advanced tutorial. For a basic intro to sewing with conductive thread, please see my electronic embroidery tutorial.

Check this project out on Make: Projects (with video)!

-TV-B-Gone kit - adafruit
-conductive thread - LED sewing kit
-regular thread
-hooded sweatshirt with metal zipper pull and front pocket (thrift store?)
-fabric swatch
-heat shrink tubing

-hand sewing needle
-sewing machine
-soldering iron & solder (for assembling tvbgone kit and attaching wires)
-sewing pins
grannyjones2 years ago
I am awe-struck!
I want one.
ToolboxGuy3 years ago
I think I will use this to make one incorporated into a baseball cap!
Those mylar holograms on the 'official' sports versions would be a great place to hide the switch....
EXCELLENT! I love it... how about adding a functional cell phone blocker/jammer to the hoodie and eliminate those annoying cell phone talkers at restaurants?
coll phone jammers are illegal to own / operate in 99% of countries
Funny story about that. My local Subway restaurant owner decided that he didn't like those cell phone talkers. so he bought the most powerful cell phone jammer he could (from another country). Unfortunately, it contained a very powerful output step-up. Nobody in the whole city (actually a small town) could get cell phone service. The cell companies actually put brand new antennas, and later new transmitting equipment, on the towers. When they figured out something was jamming them, they used specialized equipment to detect where the jamming frequency was coming from. About 2 months after it started, a cell company employee drove into subway for lunch and left his signal detector on and as he drove away, he noticed the signal got weaker. He drove back to subway and it got stronger. Long story short, he figured out what the owner did and the owner was fined the cost of the the tower repairs and the companies split that up among the people who lost service. The jammer was a quad band jammer. It jammed the 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz frequencies, or all the cell phone frequencies.
bekathwia (author)  thetech1016 years ago
Nice story, but this ISN'T a cell phone jammer, it's a stripped-down TV remote. My local coffee shop thwarts cell phone talkers by refusing to serve them until they get off the phone, and they also made a sign on a (presumably free) piece of cardboard that reads "get off your phone or we'll release the RAPTORS." I've never seen them have a problem.
However your and other's use of this device to turn off TVs is nothing more than imposing your will upon others. Nothing grand about that. Sorry...
Many people see blaring TVs in public places as someone else's will imposed upon them.  This is simply asserting your right to not be bombarded with noise all day.  Discretion is of course important, but this product exists because those placing and activating the TVs aren't being discreet or considerate themselves.
I'm sure  many do see the TVs as someone imposing their  will on them. However the most part the TVs are private property located in/on private property. Perhaps the volume is in consideration of those who don't hear well. A thread that gets to full circle quickly. You can have the last word if you wish, this will be may last.
=SMART= static5 years ago
Guys its just a toy jjjjjjeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzz
Please remember any technology can be used for good or evil.
I am sure a criminal mind could come up with uses for a cell phone jammer.
-Krom- static6 years ago
cry about it.
what about CDMA? most jammers only do gsm, or cdma.
toogers toogers5 years ago
wait, do you know the differance between GSM and cdma? don't look it up, just guess.
toogers toogers5 years ago
sounds kinda fake. that would have made national news.
joke... ... maybe...
Funny until someone can't take a seriously important call. Some people actually know how to talk on a cell phone without broadcasting their conversation to the world. I don't believe that such people (myself included) should suffer for the idiocy of those who believe that yelling can improve cellphone reception. Now if you could make it directional and interfere only with certain calls . . . "You want MILK FROM THE STORE? 2%? FATFREE?" . . . "Did you see what Martha was WEARING?" etc. ad nauseam. All conducted in "outside" voices . . . no, I would not object to judicious use of an ability to interfere with specific calls very precisely.
I was on the train one day, (commuting) and there was a guy chatting very loudly on his cell phone (about absolutely nothing) to his friend.

Everyone in his vicinity was getting visibly irritated by his loud obnoxious conversation (including me).

About 10-15 minutes into his conversation, my cell phone happened to ring... I picked it up and very loudly said "Sorry I can't talk right now because I don't want to be the a**hole on the train that's irritating everyone"

I hung up and got quite a round of applause... The loud talker hung up and moved to another part of the train!

Applauseeeee !
you get a round off applause from me too
The ability to turn off and on the jammer was meant to be implied - lighten up people - I very much doubt a cell phone jammer hoodie is going to be on the market for sale next Christmas.

=SMART= : It's also illegal to speed in your car and cross streets until the "WALK" light is green, but I'm sure you don't do those types of things :)

Lighten up!!!!
Likewise! I think you are reading more "tone" into my comment than was intended . . . :-)
richdoe bettbee6 years ago
but would it be possible to jam any call but 911 calls?
static richdoe5 years ago
Radio jammers are indiscriminate. They will incapacitate any cell phone in range of the jammer regardless of what number is being dialed
bettbee richdoe6 years ago
Another good point, and I'm quite sure not.
Its REALLY easy to make one that works in a 300 ft radius....and it doesn't use IR LEDs, its radio (obviously), so you would need this whole setup. just put it in your pocket.
mhkabir =SMART=6 years ago
shouldn't it be 'cell phone'
=SMART= =SMART=6 years ago
Think you might need to use a low tech and more interactive method here.  Suggest you might pick up any available object and begin talking "on" it about the offending cell phone user.  Say interesting and polite things about him/her to your imaginary listener and when the user gets annoyed politely ask him/her to wait until you are done your conversation.  Remember though, avoid trying to start a fight. Have fun.
This is awesome, great job
kitsune74 years ago
Dude that's awesome :D
I don't think I could think of something that creative.
:) imagine their faces as they try to figure out what's wrong...
Hey noob, I saw this is make magazine you copy noob!!!!!!
bekathwia (author)  solarblade905 years ago
I wrote that article for MAKE, but this Instructable came first!
Yay for cyber-terrorism.
Why is it that every single time I go into a restaurant that has like 130 TV's... they are all tuned to sports? and most of the time, it's usually always the same game.

I need a channel changing hoodie!

Can I get some cartoons over at table 12 please?
The firmware is open source, so you could easily change the signal to change all TVs to a certain channel instead of sending out the power signal! I've also had a similar thought, wouldn't it be funny to change them all to PBS? Bob Ross, please.
This is so clever!
YoungPyro195 years ago
I don't get it.
What's the point of making this?
 When the zipper is placed over the threads, it completes the circuit and starts the 'TV-B-Gone'. Its a covert way of turning the tv off in a restaurant. Its actually I nice covert way to use the tv B gone anywhere. 
ohhhh, I c.
That's really cool.

 I like it, its nice. Incorporating it into sunnies would work wonders.

You mean a sun hat?
Sorry, Aus Kid. Sun Glasses, like how kiplay added spy cameras to his.
Oh yeahh, honn...
carpfluff5 years ago
nice jacket
samthor5 years ago
Awesome. Turn off Fox.
That's right, turn off Fox and let's all lay our heads down and go back to sleep.
 The Zipper Switch is an awesome touch. My TVBGone has been sitting on my desk doing nothing for months, not anymore!
nerdbot20855 years ago
Great project.  I just finished a project that yours helped inspire.  Thanks for the ideas.
I'm a total newbie and want to try this, however I'm confused when you say,
"Break out the leads of the push button That have traces connected to them on the PCB with wires."

Can you explain this a little more? Thanks.
bekathwia (author)  circlethetree5 years ago
Sure thing. Look at where the button is attached on the circuit board. There are four pads since the button has four leads, but you only need to solder wires to two of them. You can see on the circuit board which two are connected to points on the rest of the board, whereas the other two just sit there, providing structural stability for the button. I realize I didn't take a picture of the underside of the board, where the wires are soldered. This picture may make it a tiny bit more clear:
Let me know if that clears it up for you!!
Great... that clears it up, thank you.  I guess what confused me was that in the photo you left the button on there even though you are bypassing it.  Am I correct to assume that you can take the button off of there with your new wires making the bridge?

Also, the picture seems to be private.

bekathwia (author)  circlethetree5 years ago
Whoops, fixed the permissions on that photo. I left the button on for debugging purposes, to make sure the thing is working and troubleshoot any problems with the long conductive thread leads. You don't even have to put the button on in the first place, if you don't want to! =]
jod8066 years ago
This is awesome I may add something like this to my blazer that has LEDs in the sleeves for light. I followed a tutorial from another website to install leds ran in series using to small buttons on the inside of the sleeve. When you use your thumb and pinky to push the buttons the leds light up, also saves from having to worry about accidentally turning on due to accidentally hitting a button. I'm gonna think about how I'd like to install something like this on that blazer now, still using push-button since there's no zipper hehe
toogers jod8065 years ago
with leds in the sleeves, it'd look like magic turning off the tv. point your hand twords it, and bam! it's off.
oh yeah and is there anyway you could hide the leds a little better? cuase it looks a little sus having a few leds sticking out of your shirt
take thin, greenis coloured scrren, and put it over the leds.
there is a possibility: SMD leds on the inner side of the t-shirt. then make little holes into the tshirt and glue the led to the fabric, so that it just sees through
magickaldan6 years ago
I wonder how hard it would be to program one of these to turn on and off a tv every five minutes or so as a prank.
Something like a timer chip would work.
bekathwia (author)  thetech1016 years ago
That's true, and it wouldn't require any new programming. The TV-B-Gone sends out the "power" signal, switching the state of the TV. It it's on, it turns it off. If it's off, it turns it on. All you would have to do it use a circuit that activates a switch once every 5 minutes, or just sit there and do it manually... =]
mitch6 years ago
I met bekathwia at the Austin Maker Faire last month, and she actually made one of these wonderful hoodies for me. I wore it on my way to my trip to Lisbon, Portugal, last week (to teach people hardware hacking at Codebits, a really nice hacker conference), and wore it almost the entire trip!. I had a lot of fun with my hoodie, and a bunch more peace, everywhere I went. Hard to believe, but there are even more TVs in Lisbon businesses than in San Francisco (where I live). (Of course, I re-programmed my TV-B-Gone to use the European database before my trip.) Along with the ultra-cool zipper trigger, bekathwia added another innovation to my hoodie: using small metal snaps to connect the cloth-covered TV-B-Gone unit to the hoodie so that it can simply snap out when you want to wash the hoodie. There are also snaps on the ends of the wires that lead from the TV-B-Gone to the battery pack in the pocket. The cool thing about the metal snaps is that it makes easily-removable/replaceable electrical connections. The hoodie was wonderful in Lisbon. With the EU database there were only three (out of 50 bizillion) TVs I couldn't turn off. Lots of fun. I had waiters and managers climbing on chairs (and ignoring customers) trying to figure out how to keep their TVs on -- much more entertaining than the distraction of the televisions. And eventually they would give up, and leaving the space nice enough for everyone to eat and converse in peace. After a few days of travel and abuse the wires to the battery pack broke. I tried a few different approaches throughout the rest of my week traveling, and finally came up with a way to keep everything happy. - For the snaps connecting to the battery holder in the pocket: I used hot glue to keep them sturdy on the coat lining. - For the mating snaps on the wires going up the coat to the TV-B-Gone: I used hot glue to provide strain relief. - I sewed three sections of Velcro to the coat lining, and used mating Velcro to cover the wires leading up from the battery holder snaps to the TV-B-Gone -- this way the wires no longer move around and get snagged. Since the above improvements, everything has been rock solid, and I find I don't have to think about it at all till I want to use it. Another thing I did was replace the 2 AA battery holder (that lives in my hoodie's left pocket) with a 3 AA battery holder. This provides a bunch more power for turning off TVs (either from longer away or from more oblique angles). Another bonus: the battery holder I used (from Jameco) has a built in On-Off switch. I normally leave the switch powered Off. When I turn the switch On (discreetly, by just putting my hand in my pocket), it resets the TV-B-Gone and it starts transmitting. This is an additional method for triggering the TV-B-Gone (along with the ultra-cool zipper method). I wore the hoodie through customs and security all five times (SFO, Frankfurt, Lisbon, Frankfurt, SFO) without any problem at all. Though the first time through Frankfurt the security X-Ray guy kept zooming in and out and panning around on the image of wires and electronics in my coat -- but after a few seconds just let it through along with everything else. I'm going away to Europe for 7 more weeks starting Thursday. I'm bringing my hoodie with me! Cheers, Mitch.
bekathwia (author)  mitch6 years ago
Yay! I'm glad you found a solution for the long wires on the inside. I didn't want to sew them down so that the whole unit was removable, but I was worried about them snagging. The battery holder in mine has broken several times, too. I'm so glad you like it! Becky
does the system only work when the zipper bridges the current? or does it just turn it on and off again. you could somehow make it so that pulling it down asfar as you can will turn it on, or some how it clikcs into place.
Zipping the zipper past the two conductive threads triggers the transmit sequence. You can zipper past it going up, or going down. TV-B-Gone remote controls transmit a sequence of POWER codes, and as with almost all remote controls, the POWER code will turn a TV on or off. Mitch.
Evil Bike mitch6 years ago
can you buy an already made one?
bekathwia (author)  Evil Bike6 years ago
I made one special for Mitch, but I'm willing to do commissions. The deal is that you send me a jacket with a metal zipper pull (but non-metal zipper teeth), and I'll transform it for you. You can make a custom item request for this in my etsy shop.
Firebert0106 years ago
Great, great, GREAT Instructible. This is quality. This is a perfect example for anyone who doesn't know how to do it. Awesome instructions, awesome pictures and one awesome Instructible. +5
Instructable* Buahahah :D
Instructible = 'Ible = singular
Instructables = plural
OOooOOOoooo. Pulled that out of your bum? Haha
some one doesn't know when they've been shot down. not worth getting out of the wreckage
just curiouse where do you get conductive thread from?
Kaiven6 years ago
Wow! This would be great to mess with at school xD Maybe instead of them sticking out, have them hid din inside a pocket or something, just under a flap of cloth so as not to be exposed?
Kaiven Kaiven6 years ago
Or maybe attach the switch idea to light son the hood part for seeing at night. A little movement of the zipper and it turns off.
qwertyboy6 years ago
hey, this is ladyada's kit, isn't it?
bekathwia (author)  qwertyboy6 years ago
yes, I believe I state that in the introduction!
I love this instructable! The layers of DIY are awesome - building on Limor's kit to make this lovely new thing & showing us how to do it. & that zipper switch is just soo cool!
is it possible to make this with the premade tvb gone
Yes, all you have to do is extend the battery wires and break two wires out from the switch to go to the zipper!
does the tv b gone do any damage to the tv
bekathwia (author)  Superninjacamper9416 years ago
No, it does the exact same thing as a remote control when you press the "power" button. It just turns it off, that's all. Actually, if it's already off, it will turn the tv back on!
jimtran936 years ago
ehhh, the idea is great.... ..... but the LED's are kind of popping out of the jacket! maybe if you could make the LED's flush with the cloth, then it would look normal-ish... just an idea
bekathwia (author)  jimtran936 years ago
I'm hoping that the rhinestones help camouflage the LEDs. The reason they stick out so far is so that the viewing angle isn't obstructed. LEDs have a certain angle that they cast light in, and the ones on the end have a particularly wide angle, making it important that the cap sticks as far through the fabric as possible.
You could remove the rhinestones and put the LEDs in their place.... Unless you aren't looking for soldering and etc..
bekathwia (author)  Cryptonat6 years ago
Well, I already soldered together the kit, so that's no problem. I'm just hoping there's enough complexity in that logo area to make them not stick out if you're not looking for them! =]
Maybe use those one type of flat rectangular LEDs so they are flush with the cloth? just a suggestion
Ideally you could use a sweatshirt / jacket that had some form of logo that could be lit up with regular LEDs. Im thinking perhaps a design of a head with lights in the eyes or surrounding the border. Baiscally you could have regular LED's light up and if anyone asks you simply say that those particular lights have gone out and you havent replaced them yet.
schimmi6 years ago
ingeniously clever!
Nice ible. Especially liked the idea of the zipper switch it's pretty covert and a great use of out of the box thinking. Well done.
Sandisk1duo6 years ago
yankees94946 years ago
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ICpM3ItIhI0 <T.V B Gone in action, for those who don't know the endless amount of havic you can wreak with it.
mitch6 years ago
I've been thinking of doing this for a long time (but adding IR emitters around the perimeter of the hood -- lots of emitters! (and plenty of batteries) Anyway, I am so glad you did this. Yay! Mitch (inventor of TV-B-Gone).
bekathwia (author)  mitch6 years ago
Thanks Mitch!! =]
Very Cool!
HuggyBear6 years ago
How do you wash it?
bekathwia (author)  HuggyBear6 years ago
Take the batteries out and wash by hand. Allow to dry completely before putting the batteries back in. If I were clever about it, I could have attached the circuit panel and battery pack via snaps to the conductive traces sewn onto the actual sweatshirt, allowing for easy removal of the circuit and batteries. Then maybe it could go in the machine, but i'm not sure if the washing machine would agitate it too much to remove the conductive fibers imbued in the threads.
Now that is tricky!
mg0930mg6 years ago
Nice job!