Having bought a large screen TV,
I didn't want a glass TV stand that the shop kept insisting on.
So I decided to make my own custom fit corner stand.
I built it to fit my home theater kit, as none of the shop bought units would do.

Step 1: The Cut

I used an 8' x 4' x 3/4" Sheet of MDF.
I had the cutting list of sizes with me and asked the store
to cut the board to my measurements.
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<p>I was wondering if you could post the cut list and the size of the tv you made the stand for. </p>
<p>Sorry should have said, it will hold up to a 50&quot; TV,</p><p>the in the picture is a 42&quot; Panasonic Plasma, so it can take the weight of newer LED's no problem.</p>
<p>Hi TT-MON</p><p>The Unit top and bottom panels were 48&quot; X 16&quot; (with a 45 degree cut 8&quot; in)</p><p>The shelf was 24&quot; X 15&quot;</p><p>2 End panels were 16&quot; X 8&quot;</p><p>2 Middle Panels were 16&quot; X 15&quot;</p><p>The 2 Doors were 12&quot; x 15 3/4&quot;</p><p>Total unit height including feet is 19&quot;</p><p>Hope this helps.</p><p>Regards Floppyjoe.</p>
Nice! Clean and modern. Did you hinge the backpanel, or drill holes for cable? Thanks for posting.
Hi joelhunn<br>I screwed and glued the back panels on.<br>Then used a hole saw to cut 1 1/2 inch circular holes for about 7 cables.<br>Regards<br>Floppyjoe

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