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Thanks for visiting!! This instructable will show you how to add dynamic ambient lighting to your TV. Hope you enjoy and learn something!  

**The pictures i posted of the TV seem to make the LED strips not look very bright but if you watch the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g7enrY7irI you can see that the lights are actually brighter.  

Step 1: List of Materials

Picture of List of Materials
List Of Materials:


RGB LED Strips 30 LED/meter (I used 2 meters for my 32'' TV)

TLC5940 (Provides 16 PWM Signals we will use 12)

12 volt power supply

Some wire depending on your tv size :).

xptonvidia1 year ago

Dont you have the schematic
its way easier to see the connections in there

Kenokke1 year ago

can I just connect it with my tv? I mean, do I need to run it through a pc or can I directy connect it to my tv (and how?)

I'm in the final step of setting this up for myself (can't wait to see it work!) But I want to know: since I got a good 5 meters of LED's, would it be possible to split the screen edges into 6 or 8 segments without scrapping your code?

trebory61 year ago
So I can't tell from the quality of your video, but it seems that the LEDs are flickering in the background.
Here are the pictures I promised.
Ambient Light Kit TV - Car Video Game.jpgAmbient Light Kit TV - Green Hulk.jpgAmbient Light Kit TV - Purple TV.jpgAmbient LED Kit - Parts.jpg
Great idea for making the dynamic lighting from what's on the screen. I found that I'm more preferential to simpler ambient TV lighting solutions. Our kits have 16 static color options, and 4 dynamic modes. The dynamic modes just cycle through the colors. It really looks cool, but obviously the Adruino code for color changing is an added benefit of your setup.

Do you have any more pics or videos that you can show on how this looks? Here's some of ours.

Please get in touch through our website to see if there might be some way to connect your technology with mine in a simpler way so more people can get this cool affect on their home theaters.

jveldman3 years ago
i meant 30 not 15.
Phogie7 (author)  jveldman3 years ago
Nah that should not matter to the program.
jveldman3 years ago
is the programming going to matter if i use a 50 led light strip instead of the 15?
JamesDoe3 years ago
Would anyone want to make one for me? I will pay you for your efforts.