I will provide the circuit diagram and the code for the game, you can see the working of the game in the attachment.

To enjoy this project you need to have knowledge about :

  1. soldering
  2. making circuits on prefboard/dotted PCB
  3. programming arduino
  4. adding library in arduino
  5. playing the game

Step 1: Prepare the Circuit

You will find the circuit diagram in the attachments.

Step 2: Code

I have used the library TVOUT

I have included the library in the .rar file with the game code

just upload the sketch in arduino and then take out the ATMEGA328P-PU to use it in the circuit.

Step 3: Play the Game

Thanks for sharing! <br>Which buttons do which? I'd like to know as I'm interested in the project.
<p>there is one on-off switch (blue colored near the battry) and 3 micro switches(black colour)</p><p>the middle one is for pause</p><p>and other 2 are for shifting left/right</p>

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