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Introduction: TV Prank

TV Prank
This project helps you create a TV Nuissance. Everytime the TV's remote control is used the piezo buzzer will emit an annoying sound. It will leave people wondering why the TV is making such an annoying noise meanwhile you will be trying not to laugh!

Components Needed:

1x TV Remote
1x Breadboard
1x Arduino Board
1x Speaker
1x IR Reciever
1x 220 or 100 Ohm Resistor

Components can be found at
This Project uses and Arduino Board and IR Add-on Kit

The Code:
#define IRsensorPin 6
void setup(){
  pinMode(3, OUTPUT);
void loop(){
  if (digitalRead(IRsensorPin)==LOW){
    analogWrite(3, 100);
    analogWrite(3, 180);
    analogWrite(3, 100);
    analogWrite(3, 180);    delay(500);   
    analogWrite(3, 100);
    analogWrite(3, 180);
    analogWrite(3, 100);
    analogWrite(3, 180);
  } else {
    digitalWrite(3, LOW);




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    I made something similar, but I captured the code of the remote and then set the Arduino to send the code I wanted at random times, that way every 2 to 5 minutes the Arduino increased the volume at an unbearable level.

    I remember my friend having to lower to volume each time and he even told me he was going to buy a new TV while I was dying in laughter internally.

    1 reply

    That is awesome!!! I Really like that idea!

    Hi ilovewebkinz,

    Good Question. Depends on the speakers or buzzer you are using, it might work to buy a louder buzzer. If the buzzer is only being limited by the small amount of amps that the arduino output pins put out, then you could make it louder simply by adding a transistor such as the 2N222 so that you use the small amount of amps to turn the transistor on and off which allows more current. I attached a fritizing image of that circuit you might try.

    Good Luck, Let me know if it works!


    by the way how would you make it louder

    how directional are these ir sensors/remotes? do you have to have the remote pointed directly at it?

    2 replies

    Usually it also depends on the remote. I have a logitech Harmony which has 2 IR LEDs and it doesn't matter where i point it to, my ir sensor receives it. I also have a remote for my tv with 1 IR LED and i really have to point it to the receiver to receive anything (I think the led of this remote is also not very strong).


    You don't have to have the remote pointed right at it you can be across the room at a little bit of an angle. Here is the data sheet for the IR Sensor sorry I could only find it in Chinese. The third page shows the angle and range it says 20M and 90 degree angle haven't tested it that far but it does seem to go across a long room pretty easily.