When our son became a button pressing, knob turning toddler it was time to protect the TV and other AV equipment with a physical barrier.

The only option to buy seemed to be fire guard type things which were all far too tall. So I made the crayon fence.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

The crayons are made form 3x1 pse timber
Frame from 1.5" square pse timber
Felt pens and paint for decoration
Wood Screws

Mitre saw with scrap wood stop block
Paint brushes
Straight edge
Tape measure
<p>it is really good.</p>
I remember seeing this before last christmas, couldn't find it again so I made a similar fence/protected for our Christmas Tree. we still have it up in the corner and use it to pen in toys when there we have company over or trying to vacuum.
Wat if they fall and they stab themselves with the top
The tops are rounded over. The fence is quite tall so not sure how a small child could fall on it. All the time we had it up we didn't experience any injury from it.<br>Thanks for your concerns.
<p>oh just didn't want anyone hurt but other than that the fence is great </p>
V nice, well done. Superman style kid getup is awesome too.
Thanks,It was the classic of putting his trousers on before doing the silly poppers up.
That is a good idea!!! But I would of rounded of the tops so they don't trip and stab their eyes out!!
The tops are more rounded than the photo shows
Cute I also would probably round of the tops... kids always wear the colored pencils lead down and break the tip of crayons anyway. :}
The tops are more rounded than the photo shows
Man, Wish I had thought of this when my first was little. We just kinda blocked it off as best we could with an ottoman and some other random stuff. This would have been much better and much nicer looking.
This is genius! I jave been looking for a way to protect my tv too. I will be making ine of these this weekend!

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