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Introduction: TV / Radio / Other Remote Tester

In this Instructable i will show to to construct a Remote tester, Which can test whether your remote is working or not. For this You will need  a small piece of verro board, A Tsop, a buzzer, LED(Optional) Wire and regular soldering kit. Yes of course during Checking you will need Battery and A remote. Battery can be of 5 volt.
Remote Tester from Shahadat Hussain Parvez on Vimeo.



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Why bother with a circuit? Most smartphone cameras, webcams, camcorders, etc. are sensitive to infrared light.

Just point a known working remote at any of these cameras and see if you see a flickering light. If a working remote flashes on the screen you'll know that that particular camera does not have an IR filter which prevents the remote from showing up on its screen.

There is another advantage of this module.

As you have heard in the video there is sound of the received signal....

This is helpful and by this we can distinguish between the protocol of remote.