In this Instructable i will show to to construct a Remote tester, Which can test whether your remote is working or not. For this You will need  a small piece of verro board, A Tsop, a buzzer, LED(Optional) Wire and regular soldering kit. Yes of course during Checking you will need Battery and A remote. Battery can be of 5 volt.
Remote Tester from Shahadat Hussain Parvez on Vimeo.
Why bother with a circuit? Most smartphone cameras, webcams, camcorders, etc. are sensitive to infrared light. <br> <br>Just point a known working remote at any of these cameras and see if you see a flickering light. If a working remote flashes on the screen you'll know that that particular camera does not have an IR filter which prevents the remote from showing up on its screen. <br>
There is another advantage of this module. <br> <br>As you have heard in the video there is sound of the received signal.... <br> <br>This is helpful and by this we can distinguish between the protocol of remote.

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