Nothing is worse than loosing the controller that came with your remote control car. Replace that sucker with an arduino and the one remote that always seems to be around, the TV remote!

Step 1: Materials

The materials for this project are pretty straight forward. You're gonna need...

- A remote control car. The one I used has one small DC motor to drive the car and a small stepper motor to control the steering.   Having a car with a similar motor configuration will make this project much more smooth for you. Specifically the kind of car I used is an Xmod from radio shack. I have a few, and they are a really fun medium to hack with. I don't know if radio shack still sells them but I'm sure you could find one for really cheap on ebay. 

- A TV remote. I set up the project with a standard Comcast remote, most people seem to have these. The project can still be done with a different remote you'll just need to add an extra step and you'll probably learn a little extra about the code and reading infra red signals in general. 

- A motor controller. I have one of the arduino shields from sparkfun, and I would recommend picking one up they make projects with motors much easier. If you want to get deep with it you can make your own out of an H bridge or some transistors, there are plenty of instructables around on how to do this. 

- An Arduino Uno or some smilar variant. 

- An Infra Red receiver. You can find these in just about anything that uses a remote. I took mine out of an old portable DVD player. You can also find them at radio shack or cheap online. 

- An altoids tin. 

- Some breadboard jumper wire. 

You'll also need a hot glue gun and soldering gun to get the project together! 
can i get the codes for the motor control, arduino sheild by DK electronics pls...
Hahaha :3 using an xmod for you're mod :3
<p>coba bikin bisa gak?! bisanya ngomong doang</p>
Well i have to admit that i love this project, but its really annoying sometimes. I go to flip channels and i either here a loud crash of the car falling off/into something, or have the little sucker ram clean into my toe!
<p>That's pretty funny!</p>
<p>how do I increase or decrease speed of motors ??</p>
<p>How would I use my RC car's H bridge instead of using one of the arduino shields? </p>
<p>Wait where's the code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @kschroeter</p>
i love it
My car doesn't seem to increase in speed or turn by steps of three. Also, it seems to barely turn when the right or left arrow is pressed. Any ideas as to what my problem could potentially be?
The motor on your car probably requires more power to turn. Look at this section of the sketch and try increasing the number in &quot;delay()&quot; for each turn function. This function basically turns on the motor for just a short time and I dialed the time it needed to be on to fit my car. If you're using a different car you'll probably need to do some dialing your self. If you have any more questions let me know! Hope you liked the project! <br> <br>

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