TV Remote Hack, Turn It Into a Mini Strobe Light





Introduction: TV Remote Hack, Turn It Into a Mini Strobe Light

Do you have an old TV remote? Don't throw it away!!! Hack it, and turn it into a mini strobe light, emergency light or flashing flashligh! =)

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will need :
- old TV remote( or any remote)
- screw driver
- soldering iron/gun
- LED( 3/5mm , any color you like)

- optional: solder (you will find enough solder on the circuit bord)

Step 2: Open Your Remote

Take your remote and open it. You may need a screw driver. Mine had no screws, but some have. Take out the batteriesbeforeopening it .

Step 3: Replace the IR LED With the New LED

Take the circuit bord. Before desoldering the LED mark the pozitve and negative terminals of the LED. Desolder the Infrared LED. Keep the IR LED, don't throw it away. Check the polarities of your new LED and solder it where the old LED was.

Step 4: We're Allmost Ready!!

Put it back together and insert the batteries. We're ready !!!

Step 5: Finished Product

Now let's test it. Succes!!! Mine works wery well and flashes very fast:D

Have fun and stay safe!

Thanks for watching!!!



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    5 Discussions

    after this light, will work as normally?
    Will remote and light work both?
    when remote will use then light will on every touch?

    2 replies

    After this hack your remote will only light on every touch, it will no longer work normally, but you can use two led's the original IR one and another one, connected in parallel, and then it will work as a remote but also light up.

    thanks for your detail. If you made a new project then please let me send at my mail or id, I would be thankful to you.

    Wonderful idea! I simply love this and its relatively simple! Thank you!

    This is a great idea to prank your friend, they will call you "hey, my remote controller is f* up, the little led blink!! And it don't work!"