TV Remote Hack!(Never Lose Your Remote!)





Introduction: TV Remote Hack!(Never Lose Your Remote!)

HI Everyone,
Finding Multiple remotes is very difficult.
Everyone Has More Than Just On Remote To watch TV.
I myself Have 3 Remotes!,I have To find every remote before turning on the TV!
That Was Pretty Irritating.
So,In This Instructable I am Going to Show You How To Hack All Those Remotes Into 1 Remote!!

Step 1: Joining the Remotes!

Now for This Hack You Will need Your Glue Gun!
Step 1- Take The 1st remote and flip it over to its backside!
Step 2- Apply a small dot of hot glue on the remote!
Step 3- Put the 2nd second remote over the small dot of hot glue!
Step 4-Now take The 3rd remote & Apply small Amount of hot glue on it Stick it onto the other remotes
Step 5- We Are Done!

Step 2: We Are Done!

Now You Will Never Lose Your TV,Home Theater,Cable Remote ever.
If You want To replace The Batteries Just Simply Apply A small amount of muscular force and remove the particular remote!
If You Liked This hack make sure to Vote me in the contest!!



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    great entry. I had to vote for you.

    Good idea on paper, but what happens when you lose it? Then you lose all your remotes at once. :/

    Yeah,But Better Than Finding Each and every remote though.

    Seeing the title, I thought it would be like a beeper system. This too, is a good idea though.

    This is stupid. There is now way this will work.

    And Here This Guy comes out of nowhere just to criticise my work!
    You should Make This Before Talking like that!
    I am still using it!
    All the remotes work!

    On reading the title, too many thoughts flooded my mind at once: maybe he's using a new customized remote & programming all the RC5 & NEC and all protocol stuff and things like that... but when I saw the image of all the 3 remotes joined together couldn't stop to LMAO... sorry :D

    Omg lol
    I couldnt stop laughing as well.?