HI Everyone,
Finding Multiple remotes is very difficult.
Everyone Has More Than Just On Remote To watch TV.
I myself Have 3 Remotes!,I have To find every remote before turning on the TV!
That Was Pretty Irritating.
So,In This Instructable I am Going to Show You How To Hack All Those Remotes Into 1 Remote!!

Step 1: Joining the Remotes!

Now for This Hack You Will need Your Glue Gun!
Step 1- Take The 1st remote and flip it over to its backside!
Step 2- Apply a small dot of hot glue on the remote!
Step 3- Put the 2nd second remote over the small dot of hot glue!
Step 4-Now take The 3rd remote & Apply small Amount of hot glue on it Stick it onto the other remotes
Step 5- We Are Done!

Step 2: We Are Done!

Now You Will Never Lose Your TV,Home Theater,Cable Remote ever.
If You want To replace The Batteries Just Simply Apply A small amount of muscular force and remove the particular remote!
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great entry. I had to vote for you.
<p>Good idea on paper, but what happens when you lose it? Then you lose all your remotes at once. :/</p>
Yeah,But Better Than Finding Each and every remote though.
<p>Seeing the title, I thought it would be like a beeper system. This too, is a good idea though.</p>
<p>This is stupid. There is now way this will work.</p>
Haters gonna hate!
And Here This Guy comes out of nowhere just to criticise my work!<br>You should Make This Before Talking like that!<br>I am still using it!<br>All the remotes work!
<p>On reading the title, too many thoughts flooded my mind at once: maybe he's using a new customized remote &amp; programming all the RC5 &amp; NEC and all protocol stuff and things like that... but when I saw the image of all the 3 remotes joined together couldn't stop to LMAO... sorry :D</p>
Omg lol<br>I couldnt stop laughing as well.?
<p>voted ;-)</p>
<p>i think you're going to have an issue when you go to change the batteries.</p>
Hi,<br>not at all,You just need To apply small dots of hot hot,if You apply small amount of muscular force on the remote they will come out
Hot glue****
Seems like a 4-in-1 universal remote from the dollar store would be a more viable solution.
Thank You For The constructive criticism,<br>This Hack Is totally Free You Don't need to spend any money for it.<br>

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