As,we all know that the TV remote is the cause of fights among  us and our siblings(specially the younger ones).So, was my case . I decided to prank my family members by making the remote jammer. Original ible of kipkay is here.

How Does Remote Really Work ?

The concept is pretty simple and easy. You press a button. When you do that you complete a specific connection. The chip senses that connection and knows what button you pressed. It produces a morse-code-line signal specific to that button.

The transistors amplify the signal and send them to the infrared LED, which translates the signal into infrared light. The sensor in the TV can see the infrared light and "seeing" the signal reacts appropriately.

The frequency of this transmission is between 35kHz to 40kHz(38kHz in most of them).

What the jammer does is that it sends out a steady stream of binary code at the same frequency as of the remote.The TV cannot decode as it contains no information.

The information transmitted by the remote does not get pass through as the jammer is on and does not respond at all.
So, the remote is jammed and you can tune in on to one channel and give away the remote.

Here is my schematic and board file made on eagle.

Step 1: What You Need

The parts required are very few,cheap and easy to get.Those of you who want to buy them online I have supplied   links against each components.


1. NE555 timer IC                     
2. 1N4148 high speed switching Diode                      
3. 10K Ohm variable resistor  
4. 1.5K Ohm resistor                    
5.  220 Ohm resistor                 
6.  510 Ohm  resistor                
7.  1 Ohm  resistor               
8.  10nF Ceramic Capacitor   
9.  Infrared LED                          
10.  Switch
11. transistor - BC547/BC548

1. Soldering Iron
2. Solder wire     
3. Wires
4. 9V Battery or Adapter
5.9V battery holder
erm can you repost step 5 pic its all blury thx.
<p>Can you tell me what if i want to increase range?</p>
I made it and im just going to try but my question is that sir how much range it will provide us plz reply and can i use 560 ohms resistance in the place of 510 resistance???
<p>Yes you can use. The range is somewhat less depending on your IR. Typically its &lt;10m</p>
<p>it's not working sir </p>
<p>Is your IR glowing ? If yes than at what frequency if not than check forward drop of IR and crosscheck all things through your item datasheet</p>
thank you sir for your reply actually it started working now i had used a normal led instead of ir led so it was not giving me the output but now i've rectified the issue<br>
<p>Awesome!! Thanks so much man!</p>

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