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Introduction: TV Stand

[This is my first Instructable so i deeply apologise for any short comings.]

Just woke up one morning and decided I wanted to make a table for the TV. I drew up a rough idea in Google Sketchup and the rest was history. I had no knowledge of building furniture, but had little experience with lego!

I didn't use a single electrical tool - All done by hand - and the pain stayed with me for about 3 days :p

What I used
- 2 boards of plywood to 400mmx1500mm
- 10 2"x4" @ 400mm
- a bunch of screws
- a screw driver
- a few joining brackets 'L' shaped and 'I' shaped.
- a Belkin surge protected plug.
- 2 cans of black gloss spray paint.

All in all, it cose about £40.



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Questions & Answers


I like the design, it's very simple. And it looks like it was very easy to construct. How does it deal with carrying the weight of your TV though, doesn't it sag in the middle?