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I created this TV a stand as a Christmas gift to my parents.

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birdzrdbest2 months ago

This stand is really wonderful. I REALLY want to make it! Are there any written instructions for this project?


Great work. I bet they love it. WhatsApp 2015

wardog31878 months ago

Very nice. I have only one question; what are the dimensions?

wattana_y1 year ago


staticfire1 year ago
This looks great! About how much did the materials cost and how long did it take you to construct?
KentM2 years ago
Excellent workmanship. The photographic documentation was excellent. Next time consider adding some comments explaining the construction process. It takes more time but I'm sure members with less woodworking expertise would appreciate the information and find it helpful.
Great work. I bet they love it.
very beautiful congrats
This is a cool build - can you explain a bit more of the details?