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Introduction: TV Stand

This is a TV stand I made in shop class. It is made of 1/2 inch birch plywood and  bit of pine. I could be made in a weekend by an experienced wood worker. If anyone wants more detailed plans, comment and I'll try my best to help. Watch for my instructable on the building of two side cabinets to accompany it.



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    I really like this. I am already using an ikea expedite for my TV stand but maybe when i have time i'll give this a try

    Can you post or send more detailed plans?

    You did a great job on making the stand, did you design it on your own?
    And i would like to have a set of blue prints. if not will you add the plans on here, i hope so.

    Have a good year,


    it would make a nice instructable , it is a very nice tv stand . Lets see a weekend by experienced woodworker = i will never get it done, i need to stick to the chop and and trim to cover the chops , and reuse

    Thats a very nice TV stand, its a shame you were not able to put up a full instructable!

    I look forward to your side cabinets.