There are many remote control protocols out there supported by leading vendors such as Sony, NEC, Panasonic, etc.   If your TV is not one of those brand named, chances are its remote control adheres to one of the popular remote control protocols supported by the leading vendors.

Since our gadget needs to simulate sending a Volume Down remote control command whenever the TV volume is too high, we need to figure out what's the code for any particular TV remote.  This is done easily using the example program provided by the IRremote library.
  • With the TV Loudness Guard gadget fully wired, connect your Arduino to your PC.
  • From the Arduino IDE, load the example file IRrecvDump which can be found under menu File/Examples/IRremote
  • Open the Arduino IDE serial monitor.
  • Point your remote control at the IR LED receiver (3 pin) and press the Volume Down button. You will see numbers being displayed on the Serial Monitor.
  • Record the short number generated when you pressed your remote button. In my case, the volume down button was 1CE3E817 and the bit count (e.g. 32 bit) which I  will see in my Arduino program. You need to replace my remote code with your captured remote control code for your Volume Down button. 
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