Tinky Winky is really an RGB LED on the rainbow spectrum but is proud to be lit up in purple. No question that TW is unique. TW is sometimes seen carrying  around a Ruby the Red LED plushie companion. TW is on the talk circuit lecturing about electronics and can elaborate on resistors and tolerance.  TW would like everyone to know that electronics is inclusive and fun..

Inspired from Adafruit's circuit playground plushies and their show on the intarwebz to educate kids of all ages, if you are curious about how things work, watch and learn. 

In real life and in this diverse maker community, I've run across all walks of life(no points yet). Yeah, some are strange. Some are different, not that there's anything wrong with that.

To celebrate having good friends and if anyone needs an analogy to explain things like AC/DC to kids or if you are from a little town and never seen anything like this, make the puppet.  And, Oh, it's so darn cute.

There are 8 million stories in the Naked City.  This is one of them.

Step 1: Scavenger Hunt...

Since these were so easy to make and supplies readily available, make a whole bunch.  If you can't wait to 3D print a an authentic Adafruit Circuit Playground puppet go this route.

I had some purple and gray fleecy fabric left over from another project.  Use something that has a nice thick nap and texture like any plush toy.

You need an empty cleaned out 2-litre soda bottle.  A 3-litre bottle would make a larger puppet but no more Big Gulps in NYC.

You need some black and white felt to make the eyes and mouth.

You need some cardboard and glue to build up the base and papier mache it a bit.

Rescue the bottle and an empty cardboard box from the recycling bin.

You need some heavy duty wire to make the armature for the "legs."

I custom made the lighting for the puppet by soldering a few components laying around but you can just substitute a small regular flashlight.  It should have a press button on the end so you can activate it to sync up with the voice talking.

A hot glue gun helps to glue stuff together since it is hard to attach things to smooth plastic.

You will need to sew.  I have a sewing machine and serger.  A serger is nice when you are sewing things on the fly since it binds the seam with an overlock stitch and trims the excess as it goes. Hand stitching would be tedious.
Good job.

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