Making a two color paracord fishtail bracelet.

Step 1:

The things you will need
1. Paracord your choice on colors
2. Lighter or something to burn the ends. Torch lighter is the best
3. Cutting devise.
4. Hemostat. 
5. Tape measure
I live in the Bay Area so black and orange Giants baby.

Step 2:

Cut your cords to length and burn the ends. I used two lengths of 12 feet each to have plenty left over. I also used a jig to do this but it is not a requirement. You will want to cow hitch both cords through one end of your buckle. I used a 5/8 buckle which seems to be a good size.

Step 3:

This is where you start sizing.  Whatever size you are going to make it make sure you measure. I use a cloth tape because it is a little easer to handle. You can also use a mark on the cord for the size wrist. When measuring measure from the very end of the female side of the buckle to the point of connection on the male side ( so not all the way to the end of the male side). Adjust your cow hitch so two cords closest (in photo) go through the male end of the buckle and are about an inch towards the female end,. You can tape them if you wish.  Almost time to start your weave make sure everything is tight and ready to go.

Step 4:

Start your weave. Again make sure everything is snug and start weaving. In this photo I started with the outermost cord which is orange. Bring orange over the first two and under the second two. 

Step 5:

Orange goes around and back under the side it started on. Do the same with black all the way to the end. Make is tight and push the entire knot towards the weaved end. 

Step 6:

As you near the end it gets quite difficult. This is where your hemostat will come in. I personally packed as much cord as I could  and tried to finish it with black cord so it runs right to the orange cow tie. 

Step 7:

Almost done. Now you can finish it in your own way or do what i did and simply cut and burn the ends pressing down on them so they wouldn't be a problem on the wrist. And if you ever need the cordage its easily undone. Good luck and have fun.

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Exactly. I'm just learning this one, have done one (somehow) and it is one of the easiest. But to just show the start and then say do this all the way down to the end doesn't get the beginner very far. And how you used the hemostat to finish it would be helpful. Realize this doesn't sound so nice maybe, but.....

I like the design and the idea of it, but you didn't go over when the two strand's are on the same side. It gets confusing.

just made mine and I changed it slightly I think it turned out better than expected!


I used just over 6 ft. of Black, and 6 ft. of OD Green, and this turned out really well. About 7 inches long. I could have woven it a little tighter, but it works just fine for the first time I am trying this one. Thanks for the great tutorial.

Just FYI: when I did it, I used 10 ft for each length, and was left with about 4 feet left of EACH color, so be careful.

awesome! i've been looking for cool alternative to the cobra.
Question: what size hemostat do you you use?

Go Giants!!!

Great design!! Would be great to see this in video format :)

Like the post said I used two lengths at 12 feet each to have plenty left over. The second one I made I used 6 feet of each cord and made a bracelet that is 8.5 inch with a foot left over.

Good post - well done :)

I do have a question, if you don't mind?

The yellow gauge-like piece on your jig ... could you tell me where you got it?

I've been looking for an angle divisor/ angle divider (metal) and can't find it where I live. Perhaps this could be another option for me :)

1 reply

It is about the same thing as a angle divider only plastic. I found it at home depot just by chance in the tool section by the levels. Be warned it does slip a little bit and you need to make sure its holding when you are doing the weave. Hope that helps. . Sorry I dont have any photos of the jig I used. The link above is what I used to make it. I went a little overboard on it and made it two sided to accept small shackles and steel rings for dog collars. Keep in mind if you use the one in the link the angle divider is very hard to find and may have to be ordered on amazon or another site.

Great post! Do you have any photos of your jig? It looks super-useful. Thanks!

WOW way cool !!! think I will make a belt,,, if I can find enough paracord ,, stupid potato chips lol ( GO ROCKIES -couldn't resist lol ) {;~)>=

Very nice looking, and great job!

I was going to ask you to post pictures (or an instructable) for the jig. In searching the site, I found one which appears to be what you might have used (?)- are these pretty much the same, and are you pleased with this one? By Macgyver9, .

I only do a little with paracord, and haven't in nearly a year. But I'm having surgery next week, and thought this would be a good activity to pass the time; and the jig I made/used previously wasn't exactly the cat's pajamas.