Introduction: TWO Easy Ways to Make a Coin Cell Battery Holder.

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Hey guys,

today i will make a quick tutorial on how you can make a coin cell battery holder with just parts laying around.

Step 1: Parts Needed.

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For method 1.

1. Some Paper clips.

2. Super Glue

3.Small piece of plastic.

For Method 2.

1.Paper Clips.

2. Cap of watercolors (or anything in which your cell can fit.

3.Super Glue.

4.Some wire.

Step 2: Method 1 .( Simplest)

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1.Take two paperclips ( the one with plastic coating)

2.Scratch off the plastic from opposite sides.( as shown in the photo)

3.glue those paperclips on a piece of plastic. (image provided)

4. Scratch off ends of each clip as shown in the image for soldering or attaching wire.

5.Woalaahh its ready.

Step 3: Method 2. (moderatly Hard)

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1. Take the cap of the water color container.

2.take a paperclip and fold it in the way as shown in the picture.

3.glue it on top as shown.

4.make two holes and firmly fit a metal wire in to make another terminal.

5.Glue all together.

Ready , just insert the battries.

Step 4:


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Faizshaikh (author)seamster2014-10-09

Thank you. :)

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