Picture of TYE-DYE made with sharpies
Tye-dye is often messy, but neat to look at. Why should you have to deal with the mess when you can do with a few cool sharpies, some rubbing alcohol, and of course something to tie-dye. It takes about 15 minutes to make, and another 15 or so to dry.

Step 1: Get your materials

Picture of Get your materials
For this craft you will need at least two sharpies (they come in a LOT of cool colors now), a lot of rubber bands, a couple of tennis balls or a few ping-pong balls, a spray bottle set on fine mist with alcohol, and of course something to tie-die, preferably bandanna or a T-shirt.
lostfan116 days ago
xkae3 months ago

imma try this :)

Trippy man, that is all
anafelix3 years ago
Would this work with non-Sharpie brand permanent markers (like knock-off brand markers)? I've only seen this done with Sharpies, but I want to do this for a summer camp project and name brand markers are simply too expensive for so many children.Thanks!!
safyrmwn3 years ago
Water will not work. Sharpies (permanent markers) are water resistant, but the ink will dissolve in alcohol. The alcohol is the key. Rubbing alcohol or denatured alcohol will work as well. As long as you heat set before washing they will hold up to repeated washing. PS - Black markers work great on darker fabrics too.
kmix13 years ago
Could you use water instead of alcohol?
thats rad
peanut5o56 years ago
this is soooo cool!
Sunny1246137 years ago
I would try this at home,but I only have black markers!
Really easy way to do this, and not that messy either! Great job! +1 rating.
how much alcohol did you use in the waster bottles? The instructions didn't share......... thanks
hutt7 years ago
Maybe, if you use an ink made for fabric it will resist better to repeated washing imo, but the effect is pretty cool!
Babyshoes7 years ago
Cool! How does this hold up to repeated washing?
pkadams (author)  Babyshoes7 years ago