Picture of TZ -1,000 knex ten shot pistol
Here it is the one the only TZ 1000!!! This amazing gun has a ten shot magazine that has never jammed over the hundreds of times I have shot it. Also it will shoot 35-40 feet and can pierce a box at 3 feet with one rubber band.

light weight
10 shot mag that never jams
can shoot 35-40 feet with one rubber band
can pierce a box at 3 feet with one rubber band
good looking
true triger

uses a decapetated orange connector.

Tell me what you think

Step 1: Magazine

Picture of Magazine
Okay here we go. To start off we are going to build the magazine.

Step 1: build both

Spep 2: build both

Step 3: add white rods

Step 4: add parts you made in step 1

Step 5: add second panel and you are done with the mag

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st j5 years ago
DB2016 st j4 years ago
Noob. Don't comment so many times in a row.
I'm confused about adding the trigger. Can anyone explain to me how to do it?
What's the blue-ish piece at the front?
What is that white thing in between the orange thing and grey thing?
st j5 years ago
u could use a black ball joint socket. or a cut up grey connector. I use ball joint socket.
st j5 years ago
good a step that doesnt hurt ur thumbs. Phew. :)
st j5 years ago
im getting there... i think but my thumbs are kinda sore cus ive made 'nother gun already today. ouch. :)
st j5 years ago
superburb instructions i hav made most of ur stuff and this is 1 of the best thanx
detroct6 years ago
how does the trigger work to keep it from firing once you've loaded (cocked?) another bullet to fire?
the triiger blocks the ram, itd different in real life and knex
how long is the black, is it longer then a gray rod
No It's the same size but stronger.
no its the same size
Anti flame16 years ago
What do you use as the amunition?
the small black or green pieces
wat do i cut in pic 4?
the orange piece
runescare6 years ago
qwll im looking for a simple pistol or submachine gun that gets to the point, im not a k nex nerd so idont want a gun with a million techniqe pieces, I want one with regular pieces. Plz post a link or a gun and i will build it.
Try Louis XIV's Semi auto gun.
Not bad. 3*.
coleslaw36 years ago
By the way great gun!
coleslaw36 years ago
hey check my sheild out!!!
K'nex kiteshield! 009.jpgK'nex kiteshield! 010.jpg
Just a basic pistol. But I like basic. The only thing that is VERY BAD is that cheating is required... There are pistols that are the same quality and do not use any broken pieces. So, I'll go for a 2.5 stars.
Lol Miles rates everything 2.5 if theres' modded pieces *Hint hint for future builders*
DJ Radio6 years ago
pretty good. a sutible rating would be 3.5
Bugman96 years ago
pretty good.
Skreetsha6 years ago
Pretty good but not your best :/
i would give 5/5 to a better gun not that this isnt good or anything
The Jamalam6 years ago
i highly doubt that that mag never jams
Oblivitus6 years ago
It's good but doesn't really use any new designs, 2.5 stars.
brammeke116 years ago
Another day, another standard knex gun. But I like back to basic so... 3*
eehhh, 2.5 or 3*, I'll have to decide.
Master_Zane6 years ago
Looks awesome!!!! I would built it, but alas, I am currently using all my pieces on 2 guns. 5/5!!! Kookoo for knex