Tobacco Stained Teeth Made Out of Gum and Peanut




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Introduction: Tobacco Stained Teeth Made Out of Gum and Peanut

The image above should be the final product after you follow the instructions. Please refer to the video in each step.

You will need:

- Hubba Bubba Gum tape

- Sand Paper

- Mirror

- Party Peanuts

- Gouache Paint (only primary colors needed)

- Matte Medium

- Two hard pieces of plastic (like tupperware,plexiglass, whatever you have as long as it's not heavy.)

Step 1: Chew a Lot of Gum

- Chew as much gum as you think you'll need for the size of mouth that you're making.

- Mold the gum into the shape of gums.

- Put the sculpted gum on the Plexi/Tupperware.

Step 2: Making Teeth and Putting Them in Place

- Take some sand paper and sand the peanuts into the desired shape. Use a mirror to look at your own choppers to see what the best size and shape is.

- Place the teeth into the gums taking time to make them as crooked as you like.

- Push little bits of gum around the teeth creating divots giving a realistic effect.

Step 3: Painting

- Get your gouache out and a surface to use as a pallet along with your matte medium.

- Find an image on the internet of some tabasco stained teeth to use for reference.

- Mix some brown and gray and red and dilute the colors as necessary with matte medium.

- You'll want to get the most condensed amount of color near the gums and other crevices between the teeth to achieve a 3 dimensional effect. Making sure to use subtle amounts.

- Paint a light coat of red watered down with matte medium on the gums giving a vain like appearance.

- Once you're done painting let it dry overnight!




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