Introduction: Tabata Coordination Training - Great for Prep Work

This tabata coordination training workout is great for prepration movement before your strength training or cardio training. It can also be a great rest day workout. The intention is to build foot speed, agility, and quickness (SAQ). You should only go as fast as your body can control with proper form.

A few key kinetic chain check points are:

Foot point straight ahead Knees align without caving in or caving out Back is straight Ideally spine is neutral

I have a lot of corretive exercises needed to correct my kinetic chain alignment but these are check points before you can go faster.

Tabata format: 10 sec rest 20 sec work 8 rounds 4 min

repeat 2 to 3 times if time allows

Exercise details and time stamps:

Use a jump rope /towel as a line on the floor or you can draw a line on the floor:

1:27: Sagittal Plane Jump (front + back) 1:57: Frontal Plane Jump (side + side) 2:30: Quick Saggital Plane Front Shuffle (lead with right foot) 2:54: Quick Saggital Plane Front Shuffle (lead with left foot) 3:23: Quick Transverse Plane Shuffles (lead with right foot) 3:54: Quick Transverse Plane Shuffles (lead with left foot) 4:23: Quick Saggital Plane Backward Shuffle ( lead with right foot) 4:53: Quick Saggital Plane Backward Shuffle (lead with left foot)

Rest for 0 to 60 sec then repeat up to 3 times

Hopefully you enjoy this workout and for more intense Tabata cardio workouts below:

Check out my other health/fitness/recipe videos here:


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