Introduction: Tabbing Wire Support for Easy Cutting.

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Really simple holder for tabbing wire rolls that helpes you to cut straighter and equal in size wires almost without effort :)

Step 1: You Need:

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A wood board 20x6 and about half inch thick (works a bit thinner too)

A lath 8 inch long

Bolt, 3 nuts, 4 washers

Wood glue

A couple of screws

And, of course, tabbing wire to hang on this baby!

Step 2: Build It.

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I don't think it needs a lot of explanation: cut the wooden parts at the right sizes and clean the edges of any splinters; glue and screw or nail them together. Drill a hole at the top of the lath and put in the screw that will hold the tabbing wire roll. You also need a small wood piece, or a thick nail, or a pen cut at the proper size (about 2-3 inches) fixed with the remaining wire holders to make the 0 mark, this is where you cut the wire after you unrolled it to the desired lenght.

Hopefuly I've been clear enough explaining this step :(

Step 3: Result:

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The only thing left to do is make the marks corresponding to the sizes you want the wires to be.

Thank you for reading :)


seamster (author)2014-09-25

Great project. Thanks for sharing this!

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